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Where could i find a dog for sale in georgia?

I have been looking for a dog and i have been wondering

1) what kind of dog should i get

2)what should i name my dog

3)should i get a girl even if it is nutered

4)where could i get i dog from in georgia

5)where is it better to get a dog the dog pound, the dog kennel,or call a number that is on a sign that says dog for sale.

please please please please help me

-a girl that wants a dogWhere could i find a dog for sale in georgia?
you can go to your county animal control, the ';dog catcher';. That is the county facility that will not turn away any animal given up. It is also the place where dogs and cats have the shortest amount of time to get adopted before getting euthanized. There are usually puppies and kittens along with full grown cats and most are there through no fault of their own. Nice friendly dogs given up because people were moving or grew allergic or somebody died and the pet became homeless. The adoption fee you pay will include spay/neuter and basic shots and you will be saving an animal from death row. Good luck!Where could i find a dog for sale in georgia?
First of all, it sounds like you know nothing about dogs. They take a lot of patience %26amp; training. During thier first full year they are considered puppies %26amp; still will chew up things, furniture, rugs, whatever. Make sure your puppy has toys %26amp; bones to chew on at all times. They also will have accidents in the house until they are at least 3-4 months old, sometimes they never fully stop. It takes about 2-6 months to house break a dog, or teach them to go outside. With more stubborn breeds like hound dogs, it can take longer %26amp; sometimes dogs like that never learn. Girl dogs are not nuetered, they are spayed. male dogs are nuetered. Yes, you should get a spayed or nuetered dog. If you get a girl dog %26amp; do not get her spayed, she will have her period %26amp; bleed all over your house when she is in heat. There are also other reasons to get your dog fixed. Look them up online. NEVER get a dog from a pet store, or a breeder that is not reputable %26amp; is just pumping out the puppies to make money. These dogs are far less healthy than a dog you would find from a reputable breeder or from parent dogs who have only had 1 or 2 litters. The more litters a dog has, the less healthy the puppies in the litter are. And pet stores just breed dogs to make $ and they don't care about the dog's or parent dog's health. You can find dogs in any state by going to or just do a google search %26amp; type in ';dogs for sale in Georgia'; or check your local paper's classified ads for puppies for sale. It is a good idea to get one from the pound because then you're saving a life. However, if it is older when you get it, you won't be able to train it. Even if it only 9 months old when you get it, it's pretty much set in it's ways..if you're looking for a specific kind of puppy, look for a breeder. But always go to the breeder's facilitys and make sure it's clean, that all of the dogs are in a nice place, that they are well taken care of %26amp; groomed and are socialized with people. Some breeders will leave their dogs in cages all day every day until the dogs are sold, and that is bad because you want one that socializes their puppies with people from the very beginning of life. You need to ask the breeder a lot of questions in order to know if they are a reputable breeder or just pumping out litters to make money. Do a Google search %26amp; type in ';questions to ask a dog breeder'; As far as what to name your dog, that's totally your decision. As far as the type of dog to get, I can reccommend breeds that I have had %26amp; really liked %26amp; breeds that I have had %26amp; did not prefer, but in the end it all comes down to what you want in a dog, and your living conditions. Some dogs require a lot of exercize, some don't. Do a google search again %26amp; type in ';what breed of dog is right for me';? You will find a lot of helpful information. The breeds I've had %26amp; reccommend are: corgis and pit bulls. The ones I would not reccommend are shetland sheepdogs, basset hounds %26amp; beagles. You pretty much want to stay away from the hound family because they are stubborn %26amp; not willing to please you %26amp; they run away a lot because of their desire to hunt. Pit bulls are not for everyone, especially inexperienced owners, so I would only reccommend to you a corgi. They are small, smart, love to play, and they're low maintenance. Labs are good dogs, and so are golden retrievers. They are just not my dogs of choice because I like a dog with a little more personality.
There are literally THOUSANDS of wonderful dogs for adoption from shelters on I did a search for Atlanta. Enter your own zip code to find shelters near you.鈥?/a>

Then visit the shelters. The people shelters are very knowledgable about a variety of breeds and dog care, and they know their own dogs very well. Ask lots of questions. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know some dogs before making a commitment.
1. Depends what you want in a dog and how much room you have, how much time/money you want to spend on grooming, and if you want an active dog or calmer indoor one.

2. after you get the dog, choose a name that fits and that you like

3. If you want a girl then sure...unless you are a professional breeder, you should spay or neuter your dogs. They have less risk of cancer when they are fixed

4. just put in your zip code.

You can see dogs up for adoption near you on this site, and you can also stop by the animal shelter

5. The pound. Never from a pet store. Dogs at the pet store are from puppy mills and most of them are sick or at least carrying a disease even if its not apparant. Adopt and save a life!

You can read about different breeds at
1) When thinking of breed consider what you want. Want to take it hiking get an active breed like shepherd, lab, collie. Want it to be protective get pitbull, boxer, german shepherd. Want a lap dog shitzu, bichon frise. Always keep the dog's activity level in mind. Make sure you can give it plenty of exercise.

2) name it whatever you like but if you choose a long name you might want to consider a nickname because shorter names are easier for them to learn and you can call them quicker

3)girls are spayed and males are neutered. It shouldn't make much of a difference. If she isn't spayed she will have a ovulation cycle a menstruate regularly

4) you could get one from a pound. Do not get one from a pet store. A breeder is also I viable option.

5) Dogs in pounds can make great family pets. There are often young dogs, but an older dog is good too because they are usually calmer (I stress usually). Each dog has an individual personality. If money is not an issue breeders (kennels) are a good option. They should be able to provide you with the dog's family tree and should have one or both the parents available for you to see. Parents will give you an idea of what your puppy will be like.

Whatever you choose, do research first. Make sure the breeds activity level meets your own. When checking out a litter, you want the puppy that isn't hiding in the corner, but isn't charging right at you either. You can also ask the breeder or pound workers about individual dogs personalities. You seem new to dod ownership so you probably want a dog that is submissive (won't challenge your authority). An inexperienced owner and a dominate dog is a bad combination. Also check out local vets and find one you like. Friends can give you references of good vets in your area. Good Luck
I agree with peeboo , and also take in to account , that many with yard signs saying dogs for sale are called yard breeders which means they just breed dogs for profit , many of them do not breed with the Dogs temperment in mind , they do not care what kind or how well mannered a dog is they just want the money ...If you have plenty of time to spend with a dog , such as running ,playing , and just petting them all the time , I would say get a pit bull a true bred , many of them are called pit bulls but are really bull boxer mix or rot/ pit mix , get the pure bred , they are the most loving dog . I used to get dogs and just keep them in the yard either by fence or chain , I got this pit in January , she has changed me , and the way I care for dogs , she gets better medical care than I do , and she is never left outside , she goes where I go , I even takae her to work with me , and we play at break times , we eat lunch together ( she loves Chick-Fil-A ** grilled not fried**) Try your local animal rescue facility , they will tell you the temperment of the dog , and which one will be best for you . Mine is a girl , I had to have her spayed ( boys are neutered) she had been used for breeding by these back yard breeders (puppy mill) she was so malnurished ,these people did not care for her at all , she was a money maker and that was all ,that is why I rescued her , spent a fortune getting her back to good health ..stay away from back yard breeders many of these idiots know nothing of the breeds they sell ....

Lastly make sure you can afford a dog , there is so much more than food , water ,and chew toys , My pit had heart worms , the injections cost $600.00 and any dog can get these worms , and parasites , you live in Georgia so I know you have mosquitos just we do here in SC . that is how heart worms can be carried from dog to dog...since January I have spent nearly 2 grand on vet bills , dogs will cost as much as children if not more , if you are going to have them , you have to be responsible ,and take care of them.. Best Of Luck to You ..
Look up your local animal shelter

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