Friday, July 16, 2010

Any breeders or dogs for sale?

Dogs I'm looking for:

-Cocker Spaniel

-Standard Poodle

-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

-Siberian Husky




-German Spaniel

-Doberman Pinscer


*Must be in Massachusetts or New HampshireAny breeders or dogs for sale?
Wow -- I hope I'm wrong (and forgive me if I am), but it sounds like you're trying to gather up a collection of different dogs to start your own ';business'; -- is this the case, or are you just open to several different types of dog as a pet?

Okay. I've gone and looked at your other questions -- you're just looking for a dog. Forgive my (now deleted) outburst.

If you want to find responsible breeders of any of the above breeds, go to and look up the breed. There will be a link for breeder referral, or the breed's Parent Club's website (which will usually have a breeder referral section)

This is where you want to look for a puppy or adult dog.

Good luck!

ADDED: Please research Siberian Huskies VERY carefully if you're thinking of getting one. They are not the breed for everybody! Start at these links to see if they're right for you:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>Any breeders or dogs for sale?
Check Online. There are plenty of places the do rescue for certian types of dogs.
my land lord has black shepard puppies, about a month old in CT for sale, i think they are around 1800
One question... Do you want *all* of those or just *one* of those?
go 2 a pet store nearby they'll help you also you should try going 2鈥?/a>
Just go to Put in your zip code and breed you want with that a bunch of breeders will come up in your area.

STAY AWAY from pet stores!!! Those dogs are from puppy mill or backyard breeders who don't know the frist thing about breeding dogs.
Why don't you look for a rescue? there are many dogs in need of good homes. believe it or not, rescues do get pure bred dogs at times and they are just as good.
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