Friday, July 16, 2010

Sites about dogs for sale? (mutts are fine!) and OTHER than humane societies..?

Find a good breeder by going to or talking to people at dog shows. You can also find info about the breed clubs on the akc site - they probably have a rescue group where you can get an older dog for less money. The best breeders will be members of their breed club, promoting healthy dogs with great temperaments. They should ask you a bunch of questions to make sure their puppy will be getting a good home. If all a ';breeder'; seems to care about is whether your check will clear, you can be sure he won't care a week later when the pup is dying from distemper or parvo and you want your money back.

Whatever you do, DON'T go to a pet shop, a flea market or buy one sight-unseen off the Internet!!!! You'll pay top dollar for what is usually a poor quality puppy mill dog. And you'll be supporting one of the cruelest industries in the country. The breeding animals are often kept in deplorable conditions - spending their entire lives in small wire-bottomed cages. They probably haven't been vaccinated against contagious diseases or tested for any health or temperament problems or genetic diseases - that costs money and cuts into their profits. A female is often bred every time she comes into heat. When her poor little body can't take it any more, she is often clubbed in the head and tossed into a dumpster or an open ditch. Most puppy mills ship their pups to pet stores at wholesale prices and many pups die before they even get there.

These so-called ';breeders'; have now figured out that they can use the internet to ship a dog directly to the customer and thus make more money by cutting out the middleman. If you buy a dog from out of state, good luck getting your money back if there's something wrong with the pup. These people count on you becoming instantly attached to the poor little guy and being willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars at the vet to treat whatever is wrong with him.Sites about dogs for sale? (mutts are fine!) and OTHER than humane societies..?
Check with the breed rescues. They often have mixed breeds - like border collie rescue might have a border collie mix, etc.

I got my previous dog through a Rescue society - it was awesome, he was a wonderful dog!Sites about dogs for sale? (mutts are fine!) and OTHER than humane societies..? and are the best!

That's where I got my border collie/corgi, and she was only $50!! best $50 I've ever spent!
where are you adn what type do yuo want, I will have boxers next month
where you at? have two.

Rescues post dogs for adoption here.
Look at the pets for sale ads in the newspaper.
Here's some sites that can help
adopt your dog from the humain socity and save a life!
Check your local newspaper. Sometimes private organizations place ads for ';rescue'; type sites, fostering dogs, and trying to place pups/dogs at little or no cost. Some ask for a donation, if possible.
Try Google
if you don't like going to a humane society, you might look into going to a local Petsmart... those places usually have animals that are needing to find a good home, and most of them have their shots already, and even if they don't, Petsmart does do that for you, as well as even grooms them (all by appointment). It's a great place to go for pets, pet supplies, and pet care.
You can try rescue groups (I have 2 rescued greyhounds). Any breed you can think of probably has a rescue group.
Humane societies and shelters are better than pet shops anyway. But try, you can search by animal, state, color, size, and much more.

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