Saturday, July 10, 2010

What's a good website to find dogs for sale?

What's a good website to find dogs for sale, but nothing like craigslist please. ThanksWhat's a good website to find dogs for sale?
These sites:

Adopt a dog and SAVE A LIFEWhat's a good website to find dogs for sale?
Please, PLEASE go to your local shelter.

Many innocent shelter dogs are put to sleep every day because the shelters have a lack of room and supplies.

You can find GREAT dogs there (like my pup) and plus, by adopting 1 dog from a shelter, you're saving 2 lives.

By adopting a a dog, this means that the shelter can postpone putting another dog to sleep.

You're also saving the dog you're adopting by giving him/her a loving home.

Like I said PLEASE adopt from your local shelter.

Enjoy you pup!

That is the ONLY place to find dogs available. Reputable breeders do not advertise online - the most they will have is a website with contact information and some pictures, maybe some background information on their breeding practices and dogs.
your local animal center website or i used petfinder and now i have a wonderful dog of my own! it really is a great site because my local shelter just didn't have the dog for me. good luck! :D PETFINDER DOGS IN DANGER

Good luck!
One of the best websites for adopting pets is by going on another website where you can adopt a pet is

Check this link to help you find out the dog you want:

Search from our list of 37,088 available dogs!

hope this helps.
You should check out your local humane society.

Those dogs need a home :)

Or google animal shelters in your area.
NO reputable breeder advertises online. Go to your local shelter/rescue.
this website :

cute pupies!!

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