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I have a dog for sale and i don't now how much he is worth.?

I have a short hair mix german shepard he is about 10 years old. This couple wants to buy him from me he will pay for the shipping to bring the dog to him but i don't now how much to sell my dog to him. i can't take care of him any more because i'm expecting another child in january and i have already have three young boys all ready. i all ready have one dog and a few cats and bird i can't afford to take care of him any more. what do you think i should sell him for a good price. They are going to ship him to Wyoming state. the woman that is married to this man she is a veterinarian. he will be taking good care of him. do you have any ideas for me.

TammyI have a dog for sale and i don't now how much he is worth.?
Only charge them what it will cost to ship your dog. It's nice enough that he has a good home to go to now that you can't keep him anymore after 10 years of being with you. You don't need to make a profit out of getting rid of your pet.

Add: I agree with everyone else in the fact that this question makes me a little sick. I can't imagine giving a dog away at that age, never mind trying to SELL him.

Maybe you should stop popping out kids, as harsh as that sounds, and take care of the beings you're already responsible for. Uh, this question irritates me.I have a dog for sale and i don't now how much he is worth.?
Your first and only priority should be to find him a really good forever home where he can live out his last few years in peace and happiness. He deserves that. You should not be worrying about how much money you can make from him. That is morally wrong.

Have you checked out what situation you are sending your dog off to? Have any home checks been done? What steps have you taken to verify this person's story?
well being in rescue for35 yrs i would get alot of info he could be heading for a bait pit bull ring.why after 10 yrs and part of your family could you let him go?do you have any relatives to take him hes getting up there in age.please make sure you get all there info and check it out.i would charge100.00 and see what they do.did you have pics?

Why do you have to sell him? If his family is willing to take in your 10 year old dog, you should only charge them the shipping fee, which I would probably pay myself.

How much would you sell one of your children for?
i think you should sell him for the price it would take to ship him out. other words don't expect to make money on getting rid of pet you are tired of.

you really don't want to hear my ideas for you.

violation time here i come.
Not to be mean but your dog is getting in to his golden years and only has a few years left. Give him away for free the cost of shipping is more than what you should really be expecting.
Honestly, I think you should just give him to the people. If they are paying for shipping, that's good enough. They are doing you a favor, and a 10 year old dog will be hard to find a home for.

I'd say $200 at most.10 years is old, and won't live for much longer! And it's like shipping a person! They would not like that. And they never even got to meet the dog!
Oh jeez. Youve had this dog for ten years and you want to part with him NOW? Thats terrible. Keep him so he can die with the ones he loves.
Really, you can't ';sell'; him for much since he is so old. Just have them pay shipping. Good luck.
JUST KEEP IT, it is to old to sale
OMG Are you KIDDING me?!?!?

Please use your head.. your dog is 10 years old and people want to buy him?? Do you have ANY idea what you could be setting your dog up for?!?! Do you really think people are going to pay that much for a dog this age? I think they have other ideas in mind for you dog here sister! Maybe a bait dog.. maybe just tie him out and starve him to death?? You are being stupid! This animal is 10 and SUDDENLY you can no longer afford to care for him.. puhlease gimme a break! You can't afford to take care of your dog yet you are having another child..

You can't conduct a home inspection, you have NO idea if this person is really married to a vet, use your head.. perhaps the real reason you are giving up this animal is because now, at his age, he will start costing you more money because things are apt to go wrong with him? He is your responsibility for his WHOLE life.. animals are not disposable.. you have other animals too, will you be looking to unload them soon too? How is it that you can't afford to take care of only this animal any longer.. I don't think you are telling us the whole story here.. I hope to God that you don't sell this animal and then have to read what horrors he endured in his last hours on earth!
I think you should really be ashamed of yourself. That poor dog is 10 years old.. he isn't going to know what is going on.. could you imagine being shipped to live with strangers after you done nothing wrong?

My mum MUST be wonder woman. She managed to raise kids AND dogs.

I can't believe that after everything you are going to put that dog through that you are worried about money. A dog is a living, breathing creature with feelings, not a piece of furniture with a price tag. You should thank God someone is going to take in his poor soul and give him a permanent home... not worry about how much money you are going to make.

What happens if you crank out another kid? Gonna ship one of the boys to Wyoming as well? %26lt;%26lt;%26lt; Very well said.
the dog is 10 years old, you should be THANKFUL that anyone is willing to adopt him at that age. Have them pay for shipping and thats it. I can't imagine it will be easy on a 10 year old dog to go through a shipping process, poor guy is likely going to be very scared. Poor dog... ripped from his family at 10 years of age. I hope his new family is able to provide him a more stable, loving home.

What happens if you crank out another kid? Gonna ship one of the boys to Wyoming as well?
i agree - just shipping, but i don't understand why people are getting on your back. i say good on you for finding him a good home and not having him destroyed or dumping him. what is the go people? this woman can't win, you'd go off if she told you she was going to have him put down and tell her to rehome him - get over it.
well when i got my puppy's they were $600 so I would say around $200-$300. or less
I'm adopting a dog tomorrow from a shelter and they're asking for a $300 donation. I've done my research and it seems that $300 is usually a standard price from shelters because they've spent the money and already spayed/neutered the animals plus they put in the money to get the animals up to date shots. The dog I'm adopting is only 2 and usually adult or elderly animals get a $250 donation because they don't have as long as a lifespan.

So, as long as your dog is spayed/neutered and up to date on it's shots I can see you asking them for $250 (not including shipping!) as reasonable. Hope that helped.

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