Saturday, July 10, 2010

Any bichon frise dogs for sale in missouri??

Preferably spayed or neutered at least six months or older.Any bichon frise dogs for sale in missouri??
You could check on click on dog, put in the breed, the age, a zip code in your area %26amp; hit the go button Good luck!!Any bichon frise dogs for sale in missouri??
are you looking??? look up rescues... adopt and save a life....good luck... smile

try these:…

Animal Shelters United, St.Peters, Missouri

314-458-5872, Angela Bubolz

Franklin County Humane Society, Union

636-583-4300, Jeri Wilson
Check local rescues and shelters - You can leave your information at a rescue and they will call you if one comes in. Also check with breeders in your area to see if they have any older dogs for sale.
I saw a couple on the humane society website yesterday.
dont get a bichon frise.golden retrievers are way better and smarter and better with kids ,easier to train,and by far the ultimate family dog

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