Saturday, July 10, 2010

What are some good websites that have dogs for sale?

Those are a few that I have been to. If you are looking for a pup with a specific registration, you can also check that clubs website, many breeders sell from those. Exp: are some good websites that have dogs for sale?
go to the humane society, or shelter. If you want a pure bred dog, get the local kennel club. but its better to save a dog from death from the humane society.What are some good websites that have dogs for sale?
Actually, older dogs have a better attention span and learn tricks quicker because of this. Older dogs often house train quicker than younger dogs. Petfinder is the best way to find a dog, at least in my opinion.
There are tons of websites that have dogs for sale. But many of them are puppy mills. I had a friend find a lovely dog on the internet and she paid to have it shipped to her 2000 dollars total the dogs temperment sucks to this day and has since she was a pup. I recommend you just go down and meet the parents of the pup you plan to purchase so you know what your getting into.

I know that answer will give me many thumbs down but its the truth.
Go to places like Petco, or Petsmart, or your local shelter. Adopt an adult dog, whose personality is already know. More people are sooooooooooo disappointed when they adopt a puppy.... two years of real hell, chewing up everything, peeing and pooping on your furniture, lots of time in training, eating stuff that causes intestinal blockages (read expensive surgeries) shots, chipping, you name it. Adults dogs' personalities are already known, most have lived with 'adopted parents' for awhile, and are socialized. And these people really know the dogs well, and really know how to match your wishes with the perfect dog. You won't be disappointed. They have everything from little fluffy guys to big serious dogs.... mine are all dobies, all cupcakes, all loving.... no one told any of them they were wearing dobie suits......
Pick a breed, any breed, and go to their rescue site. Rescues are dogs who have had a rough start and are looking for forever homes.

Please adopt a rescue.

PS don't use any of the puppy mill sites, this is just encouraging the practice.

In mills, the females are kept in cages and bred from their first heat until they basically die of exhaustion. They are rampant with disease and infection and their puppies are born with so many defects that aren't visible, like heart murmurs and organ problems. Please don't visit any of the sites just because you can get a better deal.
I run a rescue program that I'm having to shut down. Go to to see my page. I'm in Montgomery, Al but I can ship anywhere.
I, personally, would never buy a dog from a website. There are plenty of dogs needing homes at your local shelter, please give them a chance. If you definately have to have a specific breed, check with the breed clubs in your area to find a reputable breeder that is close by so you can see the parents and make sure it is not a puppy mill.
I wouldn't recommend buying a pet because there are so many pets without homes as it is. There are plenty of pet rescues for every breed and animal shelters. That is a good place to start. If you are seriously set on purchasing a pet the AKC is the best place to look because they are focused on responsible pet ownership and breeding and you will be able to locate a reputable breeder through them. Do not get stuck buying from a backyard breeder, pet store, or puppy mill. These are irresponsible breeders and you shouldn't consider doing buisness with them. Here is the link the AKC recommended rescue groups and breeders listing.
go to and rescue one instead.

Just put in your zip code and you will get a few hundred, they got puppies to seniors in your area.
Petfinder. Lets you help a dog in need!
Check the local shelters, newspaper, or you can use and you can search for dogs in your area. Mostly they are in foster homes or at a rescue facility.

Good Luck with your search.

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