Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do you need a licence to breed dogs for sale?

I really need to know, and if it changes by state what is the answer for Maryland?!Do you need a licence to breed dogs for sale?
Check with your local jurisdiction. Where I live, there are no restrictions (aside from the number of adult dogs you can have). However, in a nearby city, the owners need to have intact animal permits as well as a litter permit.

Aside from any permits or requirements (that are often ignored under the guise of ';so long as they don't find out...';), there is little that you can do. Try to reason with them, show them photos of animals in shelters that need homes, and explain how they will be contributing to companion animal overpopulation.

In the sources section, I included a link to a great .pdf flier that may help spur them in the right direction.Do you need a licence to breed dogs for sale?
Bottom line, if you don't know this already you should not breed dogs.

Good for you in that case. No, you can't stop anyone from breeding. You do not need a license. The only way you can do that is to:

1. Prove they're selling sick dogs (requires help of families that have purchased them)

2. Prove they are not keeping dogs and puppies in adequate conditions (just call animal control and they'll investigate)

Good luck.
If you are trying to stop someone, check your local city or county building to see how many dogs are allowed in your area. Assuming there is a limit, and they are over their limit, you could just report them to the local authorities. If they do indeed have a kennel license, you would still have to prove that they are not taking care of the animals properly by abuse or neglect. Mind you, most laws are not that strict, so even if they are only providing the bare essentials, they will probably get away with it. What is the situation of the person/persons you are trying to stop, if I may ask? You could also call your local Humane Society to come out and investigate.
here not unless you breed 4 litters or more a's called a kennel license.
If you have to ask, don't breed.
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