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Does anyone know of any teacup yorkie or pomeranian breeders or dogs for sale in western pa?

I would like to buy a teacup pomeranian and yorkie. I just dont know of any in the Pittsburgh area...does anyone know? Please let me know.Does anyone know of any teacup yorkie or pomeranian breeders or dogs for sale in western pa?
http://www.petads.bappy.comDoes anyone know of any teacup yorkie or pomeranian breeders or dogs for sale in western pa?
There is no such thing as a teacup of either of those breeds. Teacup is a marketing term used by unethical breeders to describe dog bred to be extremely small with no regard to their overall health. These are the types of breeders you should avoid!

I would suggest that before you actively try to acquire a dog of any type, you at least take the time to research the breed(s) first. It will better enable you to make a wise decision in evaluating the dogs and breeders you are considering.

Check with the parent breed clubs for a recommendation of breeders in your area. Attend local shows or events. Check to see if there are any handling classes through your local KC. These are all great places to meet breeders.
there's no such thing as a ';teacup'; yorkie or a ';teacup'; pom.

Both breeds come in ONE size ONLY.. both are small dogs already at 7 pds or less.

';teacup'; is a scam label used by back yard breeders and puppy millers to sell a sickly runt for a higher price tag.

The breed club would gladly refer you to a reputable yorkie or pom breeder tho.. again, the breeds are already tiny dogs when bred to fit the breed standard.. they dont need to be ';teacup sized';.
';Tea Cup'; of anything is not a recognized term used by true breeders or those that truly love dogs- it is a misleading marketing term!

A ';Tea Cup'; Yorkie WILL have many,many health problems. The way that bad breeders develop such a small dog is to breed in major defects, such as liver shunts!

The dog will also be highly prone to Hypoglycemia and neurological problems from seizures to death-

Great life for the dog!

A nice healthy Yorkie is already a very,very small average of 5-6 pounds- really, why would anyone need to have a dog smaller than that?

Choose from the following ';Toy'; breeds, whose ';standard size';, fits your lifestyle- and do yourself and the pup a favor!

After choosing a breed that is a good fit for you- try, your local shelter first, then do contact reputable breeders and see if they have any ';pet quality'; pups. These are much cheaper to buy then ';show quality';. A true breeder is happy to see these pups go to a nice home, but you may have to contract never to breed the pup-which is a good thing!
Just as '%26lt;3 my mutt' said, teacup is just a term used to fool unsuspecting buyers into buying an undersized and possibly unhealthy puppy. There is a high risk of getting a puppy that is unhealthy and will possibly wind up costing you a lot of money and heart ache in the long run. I would suggest looking in a shelter or rescue that specifies in small breed (like the ones you listed) in your area. Petfinder should be able to help you or you could just use a search engine to look for rescues in your area.

Good luck!
no. because there is no such breed as a teacup anything. all this word means is a genetic defect due to inbreeding the dogs or the runt of the litter. If you buy one of these scams from some money hungry breeder you're in for a long line of trouble. The vet bills will be outrageous and the dog won't be healthy. Spare yourself the trouble and save a dogs life by buying it through a shelter or rescue.

put a ad in your local paper but theres no such thing as a teacup their runts bred from runts you will have health problems with them just buy a runt out of nomal size parents.;_ylt=Am3FzYp5H3Q2c1iNNVyYEWTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090526222921AABnGFB

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