Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where can i find ex police/MOD trained dogs for sale?!?

you cant buy them as they are not for sale but i know people who train them for the police and they can train and sell you a dog for working means.

here is there website

good luck in your search!

rebeccaWhere can i find ex police/MOD trained dogs for sale?!?
Nowhere. Former police dogs are almost always retired to live with their handlers. Only rarely do they not go to their handler, and then they are usually adopted out to a family member of the handler or another member of the police force. They are not offered 'for sale' to the public due to the liability issued associated with trained protection dogs.Where can i find ex police/MOD trained dogs for sale?!?
They do not adopt out those dogs. They are extremely dangerous animals. They are retired with their handlers and live with them. Why would you want such an animal?
Try the local police station ;)

They should be able to give you the details of the dog handling unit, who in turn can tell you about any retired dogs.
I'm not sure. Maybe there is an organization that adopts them out but more than likely they have homes already set up for them by the time they retire. Do some poking around on the internet. Maybe contact your local K-9 unit and ask.


No sane organization lets DANGEROUS animals go to ignorant twits off the street!!!!!
Retired police dogs go home with their police partner. I seriously doubt that you can obtain one.
Such a dog would not be for sale to the general public.

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