Thursday, July 8, 2010


Have you ever considered a Rescue Collie? There are always those who need a good home. There are some being fostered in the Phoenix area (complete with profile) at this site:

Here is a result of a search site that returned results for 50 miles around Phoenix.鈥?/a>

Be aware that you will be interviewed to determine if you are suitable to give a dog a good home. There is usually a modest cost if you are approved.DOES ANY ANY COLLIE DOG FOR SALE IN PHOENIX AZ!?
The no kill shelter has many breed specific rescues they work with there.They may be able to refer you to one.Some of the shelters will also place your name on a waiting list for a specific breed in need of a home.

Check Pet finders for Phoenix area and you can likely adopt one.DOES ANY ANY COLLIE DOG FOR SALE IN PHOENIX AZ!?
Please check for local reputable breeders in your area are find a local shelter.

Adopt a dog and save a life.
';does any any collie dog';? this isn't the classifieds, but you can check phoenix's shelters or check on if you are looking for a pet.

Check on

OR Look for a Reputable Collie Breeder
get a mixed they are healthier than purebreds and smarter...

dont use kijii or craigslist the BYB sites.

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