Saturday, July 10, 2010

Can anyone give me a link to where they have czechoslovakian wolf dogs for sale?

I want oneeee. Preferably in IL. If not somewhere AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to there. Thanks soo much! :]Can anyone give me a link to where they have czechoslovakian wolf dogs for sale?鈥?/a>Can anyone give me a link to where they have czechoslovakian wolf dogs for sale?
You do know that this dog breed is consider a dangerous dog breed and that to own one of these beautiful animals will affect your home owner insurance and may even void it all together.

These bold and fearless dogs bond strongly with their owners but tend to be wary of strangers, especially male strangers. Sometimes distant and temperamental, Czechoslovakian Wolf dogs can be taught to live with other family pets but tend to be aggressive toward unfamiliar animals.

Crossbreeding wolves with domesticated dogs produces animals with the same wild instincts of the wolf. They are extremely unpredictable as pets, especially around children. A 13-month-old boy was killed by a wolf hybrid kept as a pet in Idaho in 2003, a five-year-old Kentucky boy was killed in 2002, and a five-year-old boy was killed by a wolf hybrid who belonged to the boy's grandmother in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2000.

More than 20 states prohibit the possession of certain wild animals as pets. Ohio law allows wolves and wolf hybrids to be kept without a license. Pennsylvania law requires a permit for them. However, according to Pennsylvania authorities, the nine wolf hybrids were not licensed as wild animals. Instead they were licensed as domesticated dogs.

I am sorry if all I have for you is negative news of your animal choice, but I have seen these types of dogs attack people as well as other animals not to mention the constant news reports of children attacked and killed by dangerous dogs. Ever year hundreds are attacked and are killed and hundreds more are scarred for life because of dog bite and attacks.

Here is the only site that I could find for you there are others, but they are in france and germany, no one else sells these dogs and they are banned in 20 state and in the UK.

I hope this all helps you.

Good luck and take care....Peace....cya....

Oh yea please check all the links below, they are very informative....cya...鈥?/a>鈥?/a>


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