Saturday, July 10, 2010

What web site can you find dogs for sale?

yesterday i was trying to find dogs for sale and i cant find anyWhat web site can you find dogs for sale? or

Adopt a Pet Save a LifeWhat web site can you find dogs for sale?
Several sites are below,but please be sure if you purchase a pet to ask for references,a vet # and check the breeder out.Also ask for an updated pic of the pet with your name on a piece of paper within the shot.
go on dogs for sale and then wheen all the links come up click on dogs for sale,puppies for sale.Then you can pick what state your looking for dogs for sale in and wat breed you want.It is the best website ever.Thats wat i always go on.
petfinder ( and other rescue/shelter listing sites) is the only one I would trust since they just list dogs in your area, and don't ship them to you. Any website that will ship you a puppy is a front for a puppy mill or crappy BYB. Buyer beware.
I agree, petfinder is great, they list pets available for adoption through shelters and rescue groups and you can search your own geographic area. Most of the listings tell what the adoption fee is as well so you know going in., aspca 1888-606-9998, and also shelters would be great because the poor puppies are behind bars with no where to go. Your local newspaper in the pet section is also a good pet way to find a dog.

they are great they have EVERYTHING!
looking your locol paper for dogs for ale
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