Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where I can find cheap dogs for sale in the MN area?

Thats not on petfinder?Where I can find cheap dogs for sale in the MN area?
Even if you get them FREE, dogs aren't cheap:鈥?/a>Where I can find cheap dogs for sale in the MN area?
';cheap dogs';?

are you looking for medical experiments or something?
You can check your local newspaper. There will be some expensive dogs, but there will also be some less expensive ones.

Another great resource is your local humane society, and you can save a life!
Local animal shelter
On your computer, in the search engine, type in ';Black Lab Rescue League'; Get urself a rescued pup that you can train!!! Good luck!
At my local animal control they will include the cost of the spay or neuter,microchipping,vaccinations, and license for teh adoption fee of $85. It doesn't get any cheaper...And you save a life.
you could always try craigslist. They sell ANYTHING on there. Its worth a shot.
No dog is cheap. You may be able to adopt a dog for a low price, but that is not even comparable to the amount of money you will need to spend caring for a dog. Dogs need food, veterinary care, and often need to be cleaned-up after. Also, there are always those unexpected costs, like emergency health care, or carpet cleaning.
Either the humane society...or a rescue league...

If there is a certain breed ur interested the breed name, followed by rescue league and ur state, and it will come up........Good luck to you
if your looking for a dog for hunting .....springer spaniels are the best ..there very easy to train very loving and loyal pets and my girl is having a litter in 2weeks so if you live in east mids of England look me up she is a champion 1 in a million
Dog Pound

Save a life Gain life long a friend
If you are looking for a dog to train, why not spend the money and get something that is birdy, and have some fun training, rather than starting from scratch with a cheap dog that likely has none of it's natural instincts left cause it's over bred and no one was putting any effort into the hunting side of the dog.
Check your local animal shelter. I run a no-kill pet rescue in Minnesota, and I can tell you first hand that there are a lot of wonderful labradors, and labrador mixes in shelters every day of every week, many of which are put to sleep for lack of homes.

You'll also find that some of them are actually already trained hunting dogs that have been displaced for whatever reason. And best of all, a shelter dog is usually current on vaccinations, dewormed, microchipped, heartworm tested, and neutered! They're an excellent value if you want to look at the entire financial picture.
Hope I helped!

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