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Dogs for sale?

You have just made a very delicate statement! ';Dogs for Sale'; Well, you can be more clear about it, with my humble respect, I am looking for a dog. I have had two dogs, one an Old English sheep dog for fourteen years,and he was not only our dog,but the best friend. Than after he passed away, My Dearly departed Son got me a Springer Spaniel from a rescue Centre. Where he was adopted four times and rejected without reading the poor dogs past history. He came to me, and we,after a while did become the best friends to each other. He was the cleverest thing I have ever known about a dog. It only take a little while to know the dog's history and have him understand that I am not going to treat him like others. I have, to my demise,lost him to nature above after ten years of the most wonderful time. I am in mourning for two,one being my dearest Son,and my loving dog. Please I am writing all this to let you know that to say what you said is not an easy task. Please,if you could expand a bit about the dog you are selling, I shall give you the most memorable reply and with a lot of gratitude.

Many thanks and regards.

ACR.Dogs for sale?
Visit the local dog pound and give some poor abandoned dog a loving homeDogs for sale?
If your looking for a dog try putting 'dogs for sale'in search and it will come up with loads of sites of dogs loking for homes,or even try your local rescue center.

Where can I find puppies or small dogs for sale in New York City, talking from $10-100?

Hi, I'm really interested in owning a puppy or a small dog. I'm interested in a Maltese, Shi-tzu or a Chihuahua. I'm looking for one that I can adopt for a small fee not more than 100 dollars. I already checked humane society but their fees are high.

I will have enough money for taking the pet to the vet, and buy food for them. Yes I know, it is about 1,000 dollars annually. I have done my research about taking care of them.

Thank you all who answers my question.Where can I find puppies or small dogs for sale in New York City, talking from $10-100?
You should keep trying at the humane society, they might be over your price range but they are better priced than pet stores or breeders.. I highly dought you will find a dog for that price range unfortunately.. Good luck :)Where can I find puppies or small dogs for sale in New York City, talking from $10-100?
If you find a dog for under a $100 dollars not at a shelter, trust me, you'll be paying way more then a $1000 on vet bills. More like $7000. Spend the extra hundred to adopt or spend the extra couple hundred to get one from a good breeder. It may save you thousands on a vet bill.

And the fees at the humane society cover spaying/neutering (depending on age or may give you coupon), vaccinations, micro chipping and sometimes other services. You would have to pay for these anyways.
Its great that you are trying to adopt! there are so many animals that need a good home. Keep checking with various humane societies... sometimes you can check for upcoming events like a pet fair where adoption agencies lower the fees. I know here in california almost once a month the rescue shelter hosts an event for low cost adoptions... hopefully you'll find one in New York

Good Luck!
In NYC you have the ASPCA %26amp; there is another organization that rescues dogs. You can also call any of the rescue organizations that do those breeds. Call the ASPCA %26amp; they'll give you all the rescue org. that are there. Rescue animals are the best. I have 2 now %26amp; all of my other dogs have been rescues.
well the humane society is rly the best place but u can alway slook in the newspaper whatever u do dont get one from a petstore
check on

Who knows of a puppy or young dogs for sale ?

My family and i are looking for a puppy or a young dog for sale near Portland, Oregon... and some around WA. we look everyday on petfinder but someone always gets the ones we like .. we also look at almost every humane society page near us .. but again find one then they get adopted .. anyone have any ideas for us on how to find a puppy or young dog ?.. anyone have adoptable puppies near us?. also were trying to find a dog with short hair and medium height.Who knows of a puppy or young dogs for sale ?
Why don't you try putting the puppies on hold. Most Humane Societies will do that for you. When you find one you'd like to consider, call them and ask to put the puppy on hold. Usually it's about $20 for 24 hours and then no one else can adopt that dog in that time. You then have 24 hours to go and meet the dog and take it home if you decide to adopt. If not then after 24 hours someone else can adopt the dog. Look into that.Who knows of a puppy or young dogs for sale ?
craigs list is the way to go. just click on the pets link.....
Go to thats where i found my perfect match

Is there a place to report dogs for sale scam?

I was browsing on a site and came across a breeder who has 49 puppies for sale.All the puppies were $350 and that included shipping to the new owner. The pups include some of the more expensive and rare breeds too such as yorkies,maltese, bull dogs and havanese.

Either this has to be a scam (isnt shipping at least $200 ?) or a very large scale puppy mill.

Is there a place to report this or a place to warn people lookingfor dogs ?

ThanksIs there a place to report dogs for sale scam?
Sadly law enforcement is so overwhelmed it's unlikely anyone will expend the time or money.

You could contact the AKC or Humane Society in your area and get their professional opinion on this. They are really the ones who should answer your question.Is there a place to report dogs for sale scam?
Yeah, that seems like some sort of a scam. They're not charging enough for such a beautiful and rare breed.

Sorry, I don't know of any place you can report that person, but if you do find a place to report them, get some more info before you do it- it might not be a scam, but it most likely is.

Hope this helps!
I encourage you to write. I don't believe someone can have that many different breeds, all the same age, all the same price--without being a scam.

In the terms of service it says [very last line]:


Please report any violations of the TOS to Support.
You might consider your local BBB and suggest that they also contact other Agency's that they have dealings with
Gotta be a scam - they claim to have Saluks for sale.. yeah, be honest, it looks like a puppy classified type deal.
First, try to research them to avoid any embarassment.

Then, contact Better Business Bureau and make a complaint online, or by phone. ASPCA, and other animal welfare groups may be able to help you.

Best of luck!
Puppyfind is well known for being a marketplace for BYB's and puppymillers. I doubt that much can be done about it, especially considering that you haven't actually been involved in a scam. Just keep spreading the word about what a crappy site it is, and hopefully people will learn before they buy one of these dogs.
Ok It is a scam. If you email them you get a form letter. I deal with all the time. I police the site and four others for them. I have had people tell me that they have been scammed.

Here is what you recieve if you email them:

You're lucky to have mailed at this time because the puppy has just been placed on adoption by one of my customers, who is a Reverend. He went on a Missionary transfer with the West African Missionaries to Nigeria, West Africa. He is giving the pup up for adoption for $350 because he can't continue to take good care of the pup due to his busy and tight schedule at church and at his missionary work. All he wants is someone that's homely and with a good home to adopt this young and lovely human best friend.'; he will give the Puppy to you if you promise to take good care of the puppy. He needs a good and caring home for his puppy because he really wants the puppy to go to a good home. If you are willing to take the puppy contact Rev at .He will be very happy to give her to you. Do contact me back as soon as you get the puppy. Thanks

It is the same email for each puppy. It doesnt change from puppy to puppy. Once I know this I report them and I email the link to 7 other people and they report them.

The problem is that they just set up another account and we start all over again.

Sometimes they are a puppy mill. Hence I ask if I can come and see the pups as I live close by. That I would like breeding rights and is this included. If they are a puppy mill, I am sometimes invited to go and see the puppies, and see the mom, and dad. they may have allot of pups, but not one of each.

I also recognized one of the pictures on there as someone elses.

This is not a puppymill they are a scam.

Anything with NIGERIA in the email is a scam.

Do not email them, do not send them money. They want you to feel comfortable so they tell you that the person in Nigeria is a missonary. A Rev.

Not, it is a fat A** that sits around waiting for someone to wire them $$$

When you see this, hit the scam report. OR email the link to the webmaster. Either way, report it everytime. That is the only way to protect others.

By the way dogs are not the only way they scam people, there is the Capucian Monkey scam, and the Kitty scam also.

Buyer beware and if you think it is to good to be true it is. Dont do it!

Any phu quoc dogs for sale? (only available in vietnam and needs to know a company that can ship it to usa)?

Im from vietnam. I love phu quoc dogs but the tickets to vietnam is expensive. I need to know where to get one. And can do shipping to usa. There from vietnam and there very smart,can swim,and beautiful. The unique thing about these dogs is they have a special birthmark! See,look at this pic:鈥?/a> in that link do you see a beautiful,unique curl on there back? Its gorgous! These dogs are expensive but my family has aenough. Please tell me the correct place to buy a brown phu quoc dog and it would be a pleasure!

P.S. 10 free easy points if has a good answer!!!Any phu quoc dogs for sale? (only available in vietnam and needs to know a company that can ship it to usa)?
Trusting someone in a completely different country, on a completely different continent to ship a dog to you without you seeing the dog, the conditions the dog was raised in, the parents, etc, is a recipe for disaster.

You don't know if they are selling you a sick dog, a dog that isn't what you wanted (as in, a mutt or a completely different breed of dog,) a badly bred dog, or a dog from a puppy mill that is going to be traumatized or poorly socialized.

You also don't know if they are scam artists who will keep your money and then disappear leaving you to settle a dispute in a completely different country (where you're going to have to spend the money trying to track these people down to get your money back,) or lose the money (which at that point, it seems to me that getting your money back would be cost prohibitive.)

If you are looking for a dog with a similar look you can try a Rhodesian Ridgeback or a Jindo (two breeds of dogs- the Ridgeback has the same ridge- the Jindo doesn't but it is an Asian breed of dog.)

The dog you are asking about is one of the rarest breeds in the world according to the information I have- so tracking one down IMO is going to require a LOT of research on exporting dogs, large expense and a trip to Vietnam to make sure you aren't getting ripped off.

I knew someone who brought a Leonberger from Germany- in the end it cost her about $10,000 to import the dog from Europe including vaccinations, Vet bills, and quarantine of the dog to make sure it wasn't sick.

Good luck in finding one. :)Any phu quoc dogs for sale? (only available in vietnam and needs to know a company that can ship it to usa)?
i am in vn now. PQ dog find hard livin outside the island 8 out of 10 die while being brought to mainland. bring abroad is 99.99% die. u should try thai ridgeback dog 90% same look more popular (available worldwide). contact me consider more info

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in case u come getting PQ dog in VN it would take at least 2 months doing vaccinations paperworks checking. PQ dog haven't trademark so there ain't company do trading worldwide.if u need my help just do contact

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Here in america thise are called rhodesian ridgebacks! You can go to and find a reputable breeder near you

It'll be a whole lot cheaper than importing one from Vietnam!
I go back and forth from VN to the US every 8 weeks or so. Pay me and I'll bring you one back. I'm serious.

BTW I like them too, very nice dogs.

American Eskimo Dogs For Sale in Wisconsin?

I'm looking for an American Eskimo dog in my vicinity to adopt, and in the future breed with my female Eskimo/Terrier mix. I've searched, but just can't seem to find any. Adopting one would be great, too! As long as it's in Wisconsin it's fine.

If anyone would be willing to help, I'd be eternally grateful.American Eskimo Dogs For Sale in Wisconsin?
You are looking to become a back yard breeder and I don't think that you should adopt a dog only to breed. I think dogs are pets and companions and we owe them more than that. I hope you can find a nice dog as a companion not a breeder.American Eskimo Dogs For Sale in Wisconsin?
1. Don't breed mutts. A good breeder will not breed any mixes, even designer mutts, like goldendoodles or puggles.

2. You cannot breed. You need experience. And since you didn't even know to never breed mutts, you don't have that experience.

3. You need a ton of money. There are many tests that have to be done. Routine vet visits, emergencies, etc.

4. You cannot breed any two dogs. The purpose of breeding is to better the breed. That means only breeding the best of the breed. First, both dogs need to be purebred. Your dog doesn't even meet that qualification. They must have genetic testing. They must have health tests, and that's more than an okay from the vet. These health tests can cost 100s of dollars. The dog has to be registered. Both dogs must have titles. After all, you're only breeding the best.

5. If you really want to breed, you'll do a lot more research. A good breeder breeds to better the breed, not to have fun or make a profit. Find a responsible breeder, and ask them to teach you. Read as many books as you can on breeding dogs.
Here's a link for the american eskimo dog breed profile. It has rescue groups and breed organizations links attached to it where you can check if there's one near your place.

Hope this helps!鈥?/a>
Breed them and sell them? That's prostitution.

Don't force them to have sex just so you can get some extra cash in your wallet.
You want one so you can breed mutts?

Sorry not going to help you there.... The world doesnt need any more mutts.
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  • Small dogs for sale or adoption?

    does ne one kno where i can buy or adopt a young small dog for a cheap price... i'm looking for a yorkie, chiuaua, mini pin, dauchaund or,pomeranian. i live in a town inbetween norwich ct and franklin ct.Small dogs for sale or adoption?
    Log onto or go to your local animal shelter...NEVER buy... always ADOPT! ADOPT! Small dogs for sale or adoption?
    check out you can do a search for free in your local area and search under dog/puppies. you can even post a free ';wanted'; ad so that people can contact you if they have a dog you mught be interested. this is how i got my lil tiny chihuahuas

    check it out. Every breed you can imagine.
    I would try your local humane society.
    RSPCA or another shelter. There are loads if you search the net. Good luck or just go check out your local shelters.
    First off I'm cringing a little bit just because you're looking for a dog that is cheap. Are you able to financially support this pup financially, both from a day to day basis and also for if he/she needs sudden emergency care? Why are you interested specifically in a small dog?

    I agree that a shelter is a wonderful place to look for a dog, however, a number do end up there with a problem of some sort (thanks to people who are uneducated about raising their dog) and potential owners need to be knowledgeable in how to care for them. If you are acquiring a puppy through a breeder (if purchasing through a reputable breeder you can probably expect to pay between $1000 up)... you could still run into the same problems if early socialization and positive training/bonding are not enforced.

    I've seen way too many small dogs become fear aggressive due to a lack of socialization and environmental training. This means exposing the dog to a variety of people, other dogs, cats, small animals, males, females, children, and also to different places/noises, as well as allowing them to walk on various surfaces such as carpeting, sand, grass, wood, metal etc.

    Good luck in your search and please make sure you are able to provide your 4 legged family member with love, financial and timely support, and the best food you can possibly feed him/her.

    Edit: Okay, thanks for reassuring me, I was just a little concerned seeing as so many people seem so naive when it comes to purchasing an animal. Forgive me for lecturing, haha.