Thursday, July 8, 2010

What is a website on the internet where i can find dogs for sale?

I need a website of dogs for saleWhat is a website on the internet where i can find dogs for sale?
A very good place where i found my puppy was and a shelter called the Anti Cruelty Society the address is..

157 W.Grand Ave Chicago,IL 60610 the phone number is...

1-312-644-8338What is a website on the internet where i can find dogs for sale?
Do your RESEARCH on the web, NOT your shopping.

Locate a breeder close to you so you can meet and

inspect the breeder and the dogs. Never a good idea

to purchase a puppy sight-unseen. After I did reseach about

different breeds on the internet, I also used to locate local

breeders.鈥?are a few good luck..
i would not suggest buying a dog off line its better to look in your local newspaper so you can interview the people and see what enviroment the puppy has grown up in Also you should meet the mother and father of the puppy as well good luck on your new puppy
post a free ad on: they have pet classifieds
DO NOT BUY A PET ONLINE. I'm serious. Especailly if theres no picture. If someone has to go so low as to put an animal online for cash, there is no way that animal is going to be healthy. You probably won't care when you are buying the dog, but who wants a 2500+ vet bill to fix something like hip dysplasia when you could have just gotten a healthy dog in the first place. What kind of dog do you want? You can find any breed on These dogs come from shelters and are screened for good health. Or if you tell me the breed of dog you are looking for, then I will find you a good breeder who breeds for health, temperament, conformation etc.
on ebay but get a cute one and a cheap one just in case u dont have money.duh thats what ur supposed to do

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