Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where can i find dogs for sale?

could it be a salsons hair shop or a vet could give me a free oneWhere can i find dogs for sale?
There are thousands of dogs waiting for nice homes. Try Dog's Trust. There will be one in your local area. The big advantage is that almost all of them are house trained and will be really glad to find a new home. My best mate has had two dogs from them over the years and will be going there again, when her ';best friend'; goes to doggie heaven...Where can i find dogs for sale?
anyone giving away a free dog is giving it away for a reason - and probably not a good reason.

always go through a reputable rescue where the dog will have been fully assessed, vaccinated, neutered and you will have rescue backup for the life of the dog - all for a small donation to the rescue.

most breeds have a specific rescue and have dogs of all ages coming in at a rate of knots.
Lots of places,

you can find animals to buy or rehome in

local papers

friday ad

free ads

shop windows

asking friends

rspca center or similar

friday ads have their own pets and live stock section all layed out so you can really see what you want.

have fun and i hope you find a cuddly thing in there some where :D
You should check your local shelter.

If that doesn't work go onto and either type in the size of dog you are looking for or type in a specific breed. (No designer breeds- real breeds) and you'll be able to find a dog in that breed, or mixed with that breed.

Good luck

Do your homework before you bring a pet home!
Shelters are the best!!! If you are looking for a specific breed try looking on www.Petfinder.Com they will link you to rescues in you area that deal with certain breeds.
In the window.

';how much is that doggy in the window, the one with the waggly tail';
well some kennels or go to breeders or even better go to a shelter
Whatever you do, don't get one from a puppy farm! Get one from a shelter!
please go to a rescue place or shelter rather than buying, theres enough dogs that need rehoming
Go to your local shelter and adopt.

a Salon that's a first.
go to gumtree for your area and click on pets or freeads

Great animals and low adoption fees!
Bargain Pages
eh? look in the newspaper?

its like a dog ebay... trust (Y)

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