Thursday, July 8, 2010

Looking for a mix breed that is a lab and Jack Russell dog for sale?

First things first. NO WAY should you have to PAY for a mixed breed dog like this ';for sale.'; If you PAY for it, then it should be a DONATION to the animal shelter, pound, SPCA, or animal rescue group from which you save this special dog. If you're shopping for it as a new ';designer breed'; dog, please don't fall for that scam. There are thousands %26amp; thousands of unique, interesting mixed breeds, such as the Lab / Jack Russell you seek, in animal shelters %26amp; all-breed rescue groups, all over the U.S., %26amp; probably all over the world. I don't know of one exact place to find this particular mix, but I DO know that many animal shelters, rescue groups, %26amp; other animal care agencies will be glad to have you look at the selection of dogs they have, %26amp; keep on coming back to look again. Tell the shelter staff or rescue group volunteers what type of a mixed breed you want. Have them take your name %26amp; phone number, %26amp; ask them to call you if a dog who appears to be what you want comes into their care. Also, you can check with both Lab %26amp; Jack Russell rescue groups, since these groups will SOMETIMES take in mixed breeds involving their breed. Another GREAT place to look is on, %26amp; try looking under both breeds, as well as for the specific mix. In my area of Pennsylvania, there are 2 GREAT rescues that would have ALL kinds of mixed breeds. They are Animal Resource Center in Bloomsburg, %26amp; Mostly Mutts in Sunbury / Northumberland. There is most likely a rescue group in your home area, or a shelter FULL of mixed breeds. Our local SPCA usually has 3 to 6 Lab mixes in at any one time. Unfortunately, because so many people go out %26amp; buy a pup instead of checking out the SPCA dogs, many of these GREAT mixes are put to death for the simple lack of a home. You might want to check the classified ads, usually the free to a good home ones, but sometimes right in with the purebred dog ads, to see if someone happens to have Lab mix or Jack Russell mix pups available. And, of course, you can post signs in veterinarian's offices, at local groomers, pet supply stores, %26amp; anyplace else where dog lovers hang out. You can also check at no-kill animal SANCTUARIES, such as Rikki's Refuge, in Orange, VA.. CONGRATULATIONS on asking questions before running out to get a dog, %26amp; on checking out MIXED breeds, %26amp; having an open mind. Good luck, %26amp; take the time to find the right dog for you, your family, %26amp; your home. Remember, wherever you get him or her, this dog is YOURS for ALL of its life. Enjoy!Looking for a mix breed that is a lab and Jack Russell dog for sale?
I sure don't know where to find one, but here is a picture of one! ..鈥?/a>

You know that the dog would most likely be of a solid color, and not spotted, as a jack Russell, because the Labrador solid coloring gene is very dominant. Most Lab mixes only get a bit of white on feet, chest, tail tip, and sometimes a little on the neck.Looking for a mix breed that is a lab and Jack Russell dog for sale?
My first stop would be my local animal shelters, next, to the internet to, for classified ads and for pet search - they often have exactly what you are looking for.

And thank you for adopting a dog in need of a home!

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