Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to find dogs for sale..10 pts!?

In local areas? Also what dog breeds are small 2.5-5 lbs?How to find dogs for sale..10 pts!?
try craigslist. you can find just about anything you would want on there. dont listent to these people they are gonna talk about ';REPUTABLE BREEDERS'; and ';HIGH QUALITY'; dogs, which there isnt. a dog is what you make of it. try the pets list on craigslist and dont listen to these ignorant hypocritesHow to find dogs for sale..10 pts!?
There are many breeds that can be super small. Chihuahua, poodle, maltese, yorkshire terrier, and etc. However, these tiny dogs, as a rule, are not as healthy as the standard size. To find a breeder in your area, google the breed your interested in with your zip code/town. You can also go to And, there are rescues who specialize in certain a poodle rescue, etc.. Since you don't have a certain breed in mind, please try the rescue groups and petfinder first. Also, check with your local vet.

Good luck.
Breed club can refer you to a reputable breeder.鈥?/a>

not too many dogs are THAT small.. there are a few breeds that are tiny, but no guarantees they will be under 5 pds. Many breeders prefer a weight range of at least 4 pds.

Chihuahuas are 6 pds or less

Maltese are 7 pds or less

Yorkies are 7 pds or less

Poms are 7 pds or less

Even a 6 or 7 pds dog is still tiny.
you can look at the adds or surf the net. Who knows you'll find the dog you're looking for.Small breeds are minipinscher %26amp; chihuahua.They are so small I'm sure you'll love them. I should know cause I've got one minipin myself.
Check the internet or the pound. Stay away from the pet stores because they may be selling pets from the puppy mill, but not all. Just ask to see the parents and if you are refused don't buy. Hope this helps.
Look in the classified sections of your local newspaper =] Weekend papers usually have more dogs available. Small dogs: chihuahua, yorkie, teacup anything, miniature pinscher, shi tzus
Watch your newspaper,

Check the pound %26amp; shelters

Do a breed search in your area

Check for breed rescues in your area.
Check out petfinder and adopt a small breed ADULT. And why on EARTH would you want a 2 and half pound dog?
Go to an animal shelter, you won't regret it.
Go to a shelter, please.

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