Saturday, July 10, 2010

Do u have a dog for sale?

ok well i had this dog awhile back he was like the best dog in the world he was a German Shepperd/Border Collie mix does anybody we got another dog my dad said that if he could find another dog like him he would get one if it was a decent price so does anybody have a puppy Shepperd collie mix for sale thats in mississippi thats at a good priceDo u have a dog for sale?
This is not the classifieds and it's against the Community Guidelines to advertise as such.

Try your local shelter.Do u have a dog for sale?
try they'll have a lot of mixes on there. and for low prices too. They are all shelter or rescue dogs. You could also try its kinda like petfinder only it tells you have long the dog has to live before they put it down. It's sad but its a nice website to look at if you are thinknig about this certain dog, but he or she is put down in a few days compared to another dog who has a lot of days left in the shelter.

Good Luck

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