Friday, July 16, 2010

Dogs for sale in newspaper?

I was just wondering if anyone experience buying or getting a dog for a newspaper are they healty ? or it just depend on who you get it from because I want to get a nice maltese puppy how much is the lowest and highest price for those breed?Dogs for sale in newspaper?
I personally wouldnt bother with a breeder who advertises in the paper.

if its an individual looking to rehome their pet, maybe.. but not breeder who is selling puppies. They are not responsible breeders, and the chances of you getting a healthy dog are pure dumb luck.

From a reputable breeder who does genetic health testing, I'd expect to pay around $800-1400 for a pet-quality puppy.. the breed club can refer you to a breeder..

You can also look for one in shelter or rescue, ussually you can get one for around $300 or less.Dogs for sale in newspaper?
I have only got a cat from the paper. She was found and went unclaimed for two weeks so she was rehomed to us. She was not healthy unfortunately and had to be put down a little after a year as she had FIV. Do not purchase a puppy from the newspaper. They are backyard breeders, only interested in profit. You will not get a genetically sound dog, nor will you get the necessary paperwork ensuring that the dog was vaccinated, vet checked, etc. You could end up with a puppy with Parvo which is very deadly, or a dog with any number of issues. Don't go through the newspaper. Check your local shelter and rescue organizations by going to or purchase from a reputable breeder.
Shelter or reputable breeder.

No newspaper ads. Reputable breeders don't use them.

From a reputable breeder pet quality Malt - 600-1,000 and up

From a shelter - depends on what they charge for a puppy so expect between 100-200 dollars.
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