Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dog for sale or even free?

hi. well im looking for a small breed puppy atleast under $100. And i cant any! so i was wondering if any one could help me search for one or even have any for sale in the New England area. THX a bunch !Dog for sale or even free?
The best place to get a low-cost, well-temperamented dog is from the SPCA. They usually get dogs from surrounding shelters, train and socialize them, and make sure they are healthy before putting them up for adoption.

If you buy a puppy, you are looking at spending another $700-$1000 just in the first few months on vet exams and vaccine shots. Dogs from the SPCA come spayed/neutered and are current on their shots.

Dog ownership is not the only way to enjoy time with a canine friend. You can also volunteer at your local SPCA or shelter; or another interesting alternative is to walk some of your neighborhood dogs. You may even make some money from that, that you can save towards a ';dog fund';.

This article describes where you can get puppies from and the costs involved:鈥?/a>Dog for sale or even free?
Dogs are expensive. You have to feed it, groom it, buy it leashes and collars and bowls and toys. You have to vaccinate it every year. You havet o pay for the vet if it gets sick (most dogs will need to go to the vet at some point for illness or injury). You'll have to pay for training/socialzation classes.

If your dog gets sick, you'll have to shell up up to or over 1000$ in one payment for the vet bills... and depending on the illness, not paying this could result in the death of your dog.

Make sure you can afford all of these things before getting a dog.

BUT, the cheapest place to get a dog, is at your local animal shelter. Usually adults are cheaper than puppies.

The best place to go for a great dog is the pound. Ask which dog had the worst life before you, and with a lot of love and committment - that dog will be the best friend you ever had. If you watch programs like these on tv you will notice that dogs do not forget as quickly as we think they do. They remember the bad life and when are give a good life they become very loyal and loving companions. Check with local animal control, kennels often get word of dogs needing a new home too.
Well, you could look in your local news paper, there are tons of dogs in there! You could look on thease sites, and, is the easist to work because you can type in your zip code and type in the breed you want.

You might not find too many dogs under $100.00 but at is your best bet for one under $100.00 though.
The best place to look is at the animal shelter! they have all kind of breeds and a lot of them are pure breeds. The coast is about 68 dollors and that includes shots and being fixed. The will help you pick the best one out for you!
Hi, I'm in your area and in my search for a dog, you wouldn't believe how many dogs under $100 I found in shelters.

But please remember dogs are not free, they are really very very expensive to maintain. has many pets up for adoption as does . Your shelter is also a great place to start. Keep in mind that getting the dog is going to be one of the cheapest parts of ownership.
Check with local animal shelters.
Go to your local shelter.
One website,

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