Thursday, July 8, 2010

What are good free websites for advertising dogs for sale?

websites that list by state preferably. Thanks.What are good free websites for advertising dogs for sale?

I hope this helps If I can I think of more I will edit and let you know, I know there is more out there I just cant remember them all

By the way what kind of puppies?What are good free websites for advertising dogs for sale?
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None, ..... you have no way of screening people....could be they'll do harm to dog.....alot of nuts out there!
Here are quite a few for you to choose from.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Its good to ask a lot of questions about the puppy before you buy or adopt it. :)
Last I knew, selling dogs without proper licensing is against the law. As innocent as it may seam, they need to make it illegal to try to crack down on puppy mills. is a good place to look, as is If you're looking for a purebred dog you can go to the AKC website and they list registered breeders by state and breed. I found the breeder I got my Shiba Inu from on the AKC site and she's amazingly sweet tempered and beautiful.
You must be out of your mind. What a cruel thing to do. There is a REASON they don't allow that on Craig's list!

Educate yourself before you harm those poor pups! You have no idea what cruelty you will be doing to them. All you want to do is ';dispose'; of them quickly. They are LIVING BEINGS, not paper towels to be dumped because you don't want to deal with them! It's people like you who are creating the pet explosion that causes untold misery and anguish for hundreds of thousands of dogs each day. You have NO guarantees about whose hands you are dumping those innocent pups. There are persons out there who will take them for bait to train ferocious fighting dogs. They hang them up alive and urge the dogs to tear them apart. Others will put them in labs for experimentation without any anesthesia, harvesting body parts and/or putting chemicals in their eyes or burning their throats until months later they finally slip into the merciful relief of death. Lazy people like you who stupidly throw animals out into the world are scary and horribly cruel to the poor defenseless ones - and you perpetrate further cruelty by giving those who are defenseless to other ugly persons.
There aren't any good ones.. Only puppymills and bybers advertise their puppies on those type sites.
mocca,st701,stomp,88db n ebay.

there r quite a no of sites lor.
Epupz has international sites. I have experience using the UK site and they seem to be very responsible about dog welfare and are anti-puppy mills - suspect advertisers can be reported and investigated.

Extract from the UK site

';We run reports every day to ensure that Epupz stays a safe place for above all the puppies. As Epupz is a family site we also try our hardest to make it a safe place for families. If you wish for more information on the reports we run or the other safe guards we have in place please contact us by clicking here.';

Not sure whether you need a paid membership in the US in order to advertise (you don't on the UK site), but memberships are very inexpensive

The URL for the US site is

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