Saturday, July 10, 2010

Any dogs for sale around central california?

a need a dog with all 4 sets of shots because i got a puppy from an animal shelter and had it for a week and it had parvo and we had to put it to sleep and ive been looking forever and cant find one and my parents are scared to get another one from the shelterAny dogs for sale around central california? dogs for sale around central california?
wow musta have been a less than ideal shelter... Most shelters follow many practices to keep their dogs healthy and UTD on age appropriate shots. Please dont buy a dog. There are wayyyy too many homeless ones out there. That would be so insulting to the millions who die everyday
I don't live in cali or even close to it, but the only thing I know of is to go to your local animal shelter and adopt another dog that needs a home.
The shelter is still your best bet.

try this dogfinder to see a list of adoptable dogs near you:

hope this helps.

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