Friday, July 16, 2010

Who knows of a puppy or young dogs for sale ?

My family and i are looking for a puppy or a young dog for sale near Portland, Oregon... and some around WA. we look everyday on petfinder but someone always gets the ones we like .. we also look at almost every humane society page near us .. but again find one then they get adopted .. anyone have any ideas for us on how to find a puppy or young dog ?.. anyone have adoptable puppies near us?. also were trying to find a dog with short hair and medium height.Who knows of a puppy or young dogs for sale ?
Why don't you try putting the puppies on hold. Most Humane Societies will do that for you. When you find one you'd like to consider, call them and ask to put the puppy on hold. Usually it's about $20 for 24 hours and then no one else can adopt that dog in that time. You then have 24 hours to go and meet the dog and take it home if you decide to adopt. If not then after 24 hours someone else can adopt the dog. Look into that.Who knows of a puppy or young dogs for sale ?
craigs list is the way to go. just click on the pets link.....
Go to thats where i found my perfect match

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