Friday, July 16, 2010

Dogs for sale?

does anyone know any super good websites where they sale dogs?

i'm trying to find a small dog, sort of like a toy dog.

or does anyone know a place in houston, texas where they sale toy dogs for cheap.


and any ideas on what does i should buy? No chihuahuas though.....

i want something like a shih tzu or yorkie terrier.Dogs for sale?
I have a four month old shih tzu for sale. He is for sale because I thought he was what I wanted and some days later I realized that this was a bad move for me. The breeder will not return my money and I am not returning him because he is bad. Actually, he's pretty good and has not made one mess on my carpets. I will not give him to a shelter. I will keep him until I find him a good home. email me for details. did you get the email?Dogs for sale?
Go to the local Animal Control Pound, Humane Society, Breed rescues, Rescue missions, local newspaper, pet store, or watch the road side for signs. You will getting a pet quality dog and not a show dog. So it is buyer beware, so ask questions, the dog should at least have a health certificate, up to date shots, spayed/neutered and be clean.

If you want a pure breed dog go to a competent breeder that can provide Pedigree Papers with the dog. You will have the best genetics that the breeder can provide and you will have a pure breed dog.

It all boil down to what you want. Go to a book store or a library and check out the different breeds. I'm sure there is information some where on the net.

Good luck hunting. Have fun and maybe save a life.? has classifieds. Post a free one. Their email address is on the bottom so email the ad in. They have examples.
Mini Schnauzers RULE !!!

BA BA Buey
i really can't answer your question but have u thought about adopting
How about ??they have all kinds of breeds!!!Yorkshires are one of the BESTS!!!!
go to

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