Saturday, July 10, 2010

Any dogs for sale in this area?!?

i am looking for a collie in the north-west area of Ireland. Preferably a pup that is good with sheep. Thanx!Any dogs for sale in this area?!?
A Bordercollie is great with sheep or an Aussie...Did you try the Aussie rescue in your area or try the newspaper...Good Luck.Any dogs for sale in this area?!?
absolutly useless answer :(

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u live in ierland you are such a lucky duck! I dont know i live in australia!
Please do not Buy a dog. Here in the US of America there are literally thousands upon thousands of dogs that need to be adopted or die! Look into you will find a collie in need of a home! You will feel great about it also!

This is not an area where you want to find a dog. All SORTS of people access this site, and you cannot be assured of a legitimate deal, or dog! Go to, and find yourself a reputable breeder if you want a purebred, or contact a local animal shelter where dogs have been properly assessed and vet-checked. Good luck!!

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