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What is the best way to find dogs for sale or adoption in my area?

I have had bad experiences with adopting pets from the pound/ humane society. They all passed within days of adoption. I am willing to pay up to certain amount for a puppy but purebred is not that important to me. I cant seem to find a good way to locate a puppy!What is the best way to find dogs for sale or adoption in my area?
Do be carefull whatever you chose to do, a colleague got scammed yesterday trying to buy a pug puppy on the internet, she lost 拢300!What is the best way to find dogs for sale or adoption in my area?
If you have a particular breed in mind, then look for breed-specific rescues! For example, you can Google: Chihuahua Rescue Texas (or whatever breed you want, whatever state you are in). They will most often have purebreds but might be able to help you find a mixed breed if you have something particular in mind.

Don't buy a mixed breed from a ';breeder';! You'll have yet another bad experience with health and temperament issues, because the only thing these ';breeders'; care about is your money!

Go with a rescue.... you won't be disappointed.
Have you tried online sources? Your experiences sound out of the norm, for shelters. I mean, I can see you losing one dog within days, but any more than that and it might be an issue of the shelter you are dealing with. I would start with and see what is out there. There are so many options it can be overwhelming, I think. There is also the local paper. No one can really give you real guarantees. Ask a lot of questions and get a feel for where the dog is coming from. Make sure that the dog's teeth are not rotting and that it is well hydrated (wet tongue, cold nose are good indicators). A happy,wagging tail is also a good sign, of course. Good luck.
look in your telephone directories for animal sanctuaries, and RSPCA, or on the net for pups for sale sites, if you are willing to take a rescued dog look up the sites for breed rescue,then you now what size dog your getting,you could put a add in the free adds, wanted and give a short note on what u would hope would be a good family pet, and you could b lucky some 1 could b trying to rehome a dog they can no longer care for, good luck'
Try a rescue group instead of the shelter.,, and will list pets from rescues and you can search by location. Your shelter sounds like it has some animal health issues, I'm sorry you have had bad experiences with them, most aren't like that and will have their dogs vet checked prior to adopting them out.
Petfinder is the best and they have all sorts of breeds/sizes, but then you need to be a bit careful. Your search will bring up pups in pounds or rescue orgs, but the health status is obviously much more reliable with a rescue org.

They're a bit more pricey and you might have to fill out an application, etc...but it's so worth it! You get a certified healthy animal for much cheaper than if you had to do this on your own.

In case you've never used it, just plug in your zip code, size preference if any, and start looking!

I'm sorry you had bad experiences. But not all shelters or rescues are like that. Keep looking.

Check with each organization and find out about the vet care they do. I've been involved with rescue for years. We don't adopt out sick dogs or puppies - EVER. We make sure they are healthy before they leave our possession.
Look in the paper. They have ads on there. If not ask around. If you go to any vets office they have ads for dogs on sale. Also look up dog rescues. When you get them from rescues they are in foster homes and they are healthy and sociable.
Cindy is is the best way to find dogs in your area. They're usually from rescues and shelters so you can find purebreds as well if that's a big deal to you. You can also search by age and breed.
eh try the local newspapers, and also the local adoptation centre!! good luck!!
try you can search your area. Also check local newspapers, there is always pets in ours.
a few diffrent ways lists shelters etc near you


yellow pages - animal shelters
Don't go to a chinese restaurant!!
Try,or 1-800-save a pet
classified ads....
have you tryed craigslist ? or if you in middle TN

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