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Is there a place to report dogs for sale scam?

I was browsing on a site and came across a breeder who has 49 puppies for sale.All the puppies were $350 and that included shipping to the new owner. The pups include some of the more expensive and rare breeds too such as yorkies,maltese, bull dogs and havanese.

Either this has to be a scam (isnt shipping at least $200 ?) or a very large scale puppy mill.

Is there a place to report this or a place to warn people lookingfor dogs ?

ThanksIs there a place to report dogs for sale scam?
Sadly law enforcement is so overwhelmed it's unlikely anyone will expend the time or money.

You could contact the AKC or Humane Society in your area and get their professional opinion on this. They are really the ones who should answer your question.Is there a place to report dogs for sale scam?
Yeah, that seems like some sort of a scam. They're not charging enough for such a beautiful and rare breed.

Sorry, I don't know of any place you can report that person, but if you do find a place to report them, get some more info before you do it- it might not be a scam, but it most likely is.

Hope this helps!
I encourage you to write. I don't believe someone can have that many different breeds, all the same age, all the same price--without being a scam.

In the terms of service it says [very last line]:


Please report any violations of the TOS to Support.
You might consider your local BBB and suggest that they also contact other Agency's that they have dealings with
Gotta be a scam - they claim to have Saluks for sale.. yeah, be honest, it looks like a puppy classified type deal.
First, try to research them to avoid any embarassment.

Then, contact Better Business Bureau and make a complaint online, or by phone. ASPCA, and other animal welfare groups may be able to help you.

Best of luck!
Puppyfind is well known for being a marketplace for BYB's and puppymillers. I doubt that much can be done about it, especially considering that you haven't actually been involved in a scam. Just keep spreading the word about what a crappy site it is, and hopefully people will learn before they buy one of these dogs.
Ok It is a scam. If you email them you get a form letter. I deal with all the time. I police the site and four others for them. I have had people tell me that they have been scammed.

Here is what you recieve if you email them:

You're lucky to have mailed at this time because the puppy has just been placed on adoption by one of my customers, who is a Reverend. He went on a Missionary transfer with the West African Missionaries to Nigeria, West Africa. He is giving the pup up for adoption for $350 because he can't continue to take good care of the pup due to his busy and tight schedule at church and at his missionary work. All he wants is someone that's homely and with a good home to adopt this young and lovely human best friend.'; he will give the Puppy to you if you promise to take good care of the puppy. He needs a good and caring home for his puppy because he really wants the puppy to go to a good home. If you are willing to take the puppy contact Rev at .He will be very happy to give her to you. Do contact me back as soon as you get the puppy. Thanks

It is the same email for each puppy. It doesnt change from puppy to puppy. Once I know this I report them and I email the link to 7 other people and they report them.

The problem is that they just set up another account and we start all over again.

Sometimes they are a puppy mill. Hence I ask if I can come and see the pups as I live close by. That I would like breeding rights and is this included. If they are a puppy mill, I am sometimes invited to go and see the puppies, and see the mom, and dad. they may have allot of pups, but not one of each.

I also recognized one of the pictures on there as someone elses.

This is not a puppymill they are a scam.

Anything with NIGERIA in the email is a scam.

Do not email them, do not send them money. They want you to feel comfortable so they tell you that the person in Nigeria is a missonary. A Rev.

Not, it is a fat A** that sits around waiting for someone to wire them $$$

When you see this, hit the scam report. OR email the link to the webmaster. Either way, report it everytime. That is the only way to protect others.

By the way dogs are not the only way they scam people, there is the Capucian Monkey scam, and the Kitty scam also.

Buyer beware and if you think it is to good to be true it is. Dont do it!

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