Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dog for sale, Daschund?

A friend has a Daschund puppy, his name is Freddy %26amp; is about 10 months old. They have 4 kids %26amp; it's just too much with them working. Where is the best place to sell him?Dog for sale, Daschund?
If your friends used a responsible breeder, the contract will say that the dog needs to be returned to them. If they didn't, shame on them. The best thing to do would be to give the dog to doxie rescue. They can find a responsible home rather quickly. Selling the dog on their own, they will risk selling it to a puppy miller or backyard breeder. A breed rescue group will take the time to ensure that the new home is perfect. It may also take less time to rehome the dog, meaning a better situation all the way around. for sale, Daschund?
classified ad, pet section, local newspaper.

price ??? you did not say if the pet is a.k.c. or full blooded,

champion back ground, sooooo the price would vary, depending

on the dog's history.

God bless you.

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Hardly anybody wants to buy four kids at once.. Try putting them on ebay one at a time.
I would suggest more giving him away to a good home!! Not to many people want to pay for a dog that is already 10 monthes old and been trained by someone else. You could charge like 100.00 for a adpotion fee
please return him to the breeder..... all reputable breeders will take their dogs back and they usually have waiting lists of pre-screened prospective puppy buyers. also,,, dogs are at their most difficult between 6months and 18 months,, maybe they could hang in there,,, it will get better,,,
Put an ad in the paper or call your local ';no kill'; shelter.
Who cares about the money, if you have irresponsibly got a dog without thinking of the effects it could have on you and the dog then you need to worry about finding a good home for it. You knew you had 4 kids 10 months ago, anyone could have told you it wouldnt have been a good idea to get a dog on top of it. For Freddy's sake, just make sure he has a nice loving home to go to.

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