Friday, July 16, 2010

Dogs for sale?

You have just made a very delicate statement! ';Dogs for Sale'; Well, you can be more clear about it, with my humble respect, I am looking for a dog. I have had two dogs, one an Old English sheep dog for fourteen years,and he was not only our dog,but the best friend. Than after he passed away, My Dearly departed Son got me a Springer Spaniel from a rescue Centre. Where he was adopted four times and rejected without reading the poor dogs past history. He came to me, and we,after a while did become the best friends to each other. He was the cleverest thing I have ever known about a dog. It only take a little while to know the dog's history and have him understand that I am not going to treat him like others. I have, to my demise,lost him to nature above after ten years of the most wonderful time. I am in mourning for two,one being my dearest Son,and my loving dog. Please I am writing all this to let you know that to say what you said is not an easy task. Please,if you could expand a bit about the dog you are selling, I shall give you the most memorable reply and with a lot of gratitude.

Many thanks and regards.

ACR.Dogs for sale?
Visit the local dog pound and give some poor abandoned dog a loving homeDogs for sale?
If your looking for a dog try putting 'dogs for sale'in search and it will come up with loads of sites of dogs loking for homes,or even try your local rescue center.

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