Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why do people advertise mixed breed dogs for sale for hundreds of dollars?

I didn't know a Maltipoo or a Schnoodle or any other half breed mistake can command hundreds or are owners just trying to make a quick buck?Why do people advertise mixed breed dogs for sale for hundreds of dollars?
As long as there are people that will pay for a mixed breed, then there will be puppy mills and BYBs that will breed them. It is called supply and demand. It is hard to believe that people will pay for a mutt. There are plenty of mutts in the shelters that need homes and are not hundreds of dollars. It is like pups in pet stores too. If people stop buying them then the mills would stop breeding them. People buying pups at a pet store are just giving the store more money to buy another from the mill creating the demand.Why do people advertise mixed breed dogs for sale for hundreds of dollars?
Because there are ill informed people out there willing to PAY big bucks for a mixed breed, instead of going to a pound and adopting one, thereby saving a life and making a great friend. The breeder make people think these are ';registered'; dogs, designer dogs, one of a kind dogs and all they are is mutts. You can't show them in AKC or UKC shows in conformation, and the only person getting anything out of this endeavor is the breeder because of the gullible people in the world they prey on.
This is a recent fad in the dog breeding industry. Supposedly by mixing different breeds you get all the benefits of both without the genetic problems. I can see this way of thinking to a point but breeding better dogs to begin with is the best way to go about it. Besides if you want a mutt (which are just as good of dogs) go and rescue one from the pound or animal shelter. If you want to spend hundreds of dollars on a certin dog breed just do your reserch. There are responsible breeders out there but you will have to pay extra for a pup.
Right now there are a lot of fools out there that have been blinded by fad. Just like hair dos, fashion %26amp; keeping up with the Jones, dogs have become a monkey see, monkey do %26amp; every one what's a dog just like a famous person has.

Not everyone falls for this insanity cause they know a mutt is a mutt %26amp; no one in their right mind would pay that kind of money for a mutt. Not anyone who is breeding to better a breed. It is someone who is taking advantage of the fad %26amp; is out to make a fast buck.
BYB's i have seen a lot of my breed of dog %26gt; siberian husky mixed with it's relative the alaskan malamute, and in the UK they sell them for about 拢650 - 拢700, an when i look at the add they say ';only 2 bitches left';

insinuating that people actually bought the other puppies for this price, BYB's make a lot of money at the dogs expense..why they do it? obvious %26gt;%26gt; to make money! why people buy them?%26gt;%26gt;%26gt; im not quite sure, one reason i can justify as my own would be young in age and lack of knowledge
Many current dog breeds started from mixing different breeds. Serious breeders spend years in selective breeding programs. This, of course, costs a great deal of money before the ';new'; breed can be accepted by the AKC or CKC. Some of the designer breeds may never be accepted but breeders will continue to try. If you are interested in a particular breed, the breeder should be able to provide you with all genetic heritage information of the breed. If they can't they could be considered as someone whom you shouldn't purchase a dog from.
i think it is because poodles don't cast their coat, so may be better for people with an allergies. this trait being passed on in the cross,some people don't want to be seen with a poodle,so the crosses ,there is a little bit of greed and a bit of status in i paid x for my dog and a little of the belief if the female dog is bread to a different breed it will never breed true again. will depend on the breeder,no offence to the genuine breeders that once a dog is crossed it will not breed true again.not every body is as honest as you. i know there are several breeders will not breed a dog if it has been crossed with an other breed. there is honest breeders out there
Just stick around here for a few minutes - you'll see how they make all that money. People will buy them, because they think they're cute, saw them in a movie, commercial, YouTube, etc.... they go with their outfits, you name it. All the worst reasons, and no idea of what will happen when they buy a crossbred puppy that is the product of two badly bred dogs.
Money. It doesn't help that most people wanting a dog never bother to do their research - they're ignorance feeds BYBs and puppy mills. I paid a couple hundred for my mix so that the owner could fix their pets and pay off vet bills. They didn't profit at all from it.

FYI my dog was from an oops litter. Not purposely bred for profit.
I would assume if there are advertising they must have buyers. And isn't everyone try to make a buck? It's call paying the rent and buying food.

I only object to the people who abuse their dogs with producing unwanted dogs and multiple pregnancies in a short period of time.

As long as they're able to find easy marks that fall for the gimmicks behind the fancy names of their mutts, they're going to keep on selling them for hundreds of dollars! Once people wise up and quit buying them, they won't be able to bilk the gullible any more!
Because ';there's a sucker born every minute';. When you do the math that is alot of suckers out there waiting to be ripped off. Some of them are even happy about being fleeced - they are the really really stupid suckers.

God bless idiots.
Because they look cute, so they slapped a designer dog name on there and sell it as a ';rare'; breed. Most of the time it is because they are looking for a quick buck.
It's called ';marketing';.

Just like how used cars are now ';certified pre-owned'; (';pre-owned';, please! they're USED!!)
Alot of mix breeds are gaining popularity for size, temperment and looks. If you think that's bad, look into the price of a Bumblebee Ball Python.
Back Yard Breeders trying to make profits on poorly bred, usually unhealthy dogs when there are already hundreds of thousands of dogs that need homes and that are being put to sleep every day. =[
Because there's some gullible lazy idiot out ready to pay for it!!!

Duh,just how brainless can they be???
Why spend all that money when you can go to any rescue group or local animal shelter and get a great pet for little money.

Because they can. As long as people are willing to pay they will charge. It's all market driven.
Thats what we call BYB's(owners trying to make a quick buck or breeding dogs just to breed dogs)
Capitalism. There's a sucker born every minute.

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