Friday, July 16, 2010

Protection dogs for sale?

can you lead me to a website that sells the best protection dogs and training services?Protection dogs for sale?
If you are serious and you have the money to buy one, depending on where you are located, you can start by doing an internet search and then start calling trainers and asking questions that you have already debated with yourself and family.

EVERYONE should be able to enjoy the company and protection a quality trained dog offers, that is reality!!!

Be advised that dogs trained for sport ARE not real life protection dogs and do not allow anyone to sell you one as such.

Dogs like that will cost around $10.000 and do not pay a penny more for one, regardless of what anyone tells you. You are looking for a protection dog, not a show animal.

Start looking and I hope you find what will best suit your needs.

Hope I helped!Protection dogs for sale?
you cant just order a protection trained dog like a peice of merchandise out of a catalogue.

These dogs are very expensive, and will NOT be sold to just anyways.. the average person does NOT need a protection trained dogs.

Many breeds will guard and alert the home.. but no reputable breeder just sells her dogs online like a peice of merchandise either.

If you really feel a need for extra protection, I suggest a security system, such as Brinks.. or a gun.
Google german shepherd breeders in your area..there will probably be a couple who train protection dogs..but be prepared...around here trained protection dogs start at $3500.00 and go up from there. You will have to fit a bit of a criteria too for them to sell them to you...they don't just allow anyone to purchase these dogs, and you will have to do some training too to learn as much as the dog knows.
Nope,do your own homework.

Start by asking REAL people,not the silly kiddies here.

Contact REAL dog-people,not surfing around on ADVERTISING sites!


Contact REAL dog-people through your local/county kennel club.

I know who *I'D* contact but I'm not siccing you on him.
home protection or self protection?....home: rotty,bullmastiff,dogue,just about any mastiff,gsd,boerboel..and many more

self protection, gsd and malinois with extensive training do very well
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