Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sites to find puppies/dogs for sale?

Im looking for more websites to find dogs in my area. any ideas? i already know of craigslist, puppyfind, puppyfinder, petfinder. thanksSites to find puppies/dogs for sale?
What about your local shelter? Adopting a puppy or older dog from an overcrowded shelter will save a life. Plus, there's the added benefit that you aren't supporting a puppymill or BYB. If you insist on a purebred, check rescue groups in your area. You'll still be saving a life and again, not supporting mills or BYBs.

Best wishes!Sites to find puppies/dogs for sale?
Try adopting from a charity? That way you are helping a dog that needs a home, and they often appreciate you so much for it, you end up having a really happy dog and aa great relationship with them/.. But be sure to ask about history, and ask about their personality etc.. As you don't want to get a complicated dog if you are only a novice with animals..

Good luck
Kijiji is a great place to search for pets. Just click on pets, than search up the pet you want and your area (e.g Rottweilers in Toronto).

My cousins got their dogs from there and I'm also getting a husky from there too.

Hope that helps! ^.~
No reputable breeder sells pups online, only puppy mills and unreputable byb's. Why not just adopt a homeless dog from your local shelter/rescue?
u can look @ ur local petsmart website or spca. u should definitley adopt... think of the dogs that die all the time n shelters becuz they don't have enuf room for them!! :( plz!

Rescue is the way to go!
try your local newspaper in the classified pet ads. online
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