Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dog for sale question ( dogue de Bordeaux )?

Due to unforeseen circumstances I am having to sell my 14month old Dogue de Bordeaux.

I have advertised him on different classified ads websites, I have emailed Dogue de Bordeaux Breeders asking if they would take him. As I want a loving experienced home for him its making it really hard as I keep getting calls from irresposible young boys looking for a big dog.

Where else should I advertise, is there someone I should contact?Dog for sale question ( dogue de Bordeaux )?
I have just contacted someone in your area who has this breed to see if they can help.

Dog for sale question ( dogue de Bordeaux )?
You bought from a BYB is what it's sounding like.

If this were me, I'd lose this idea of trying to ';sell'; him. Because he's not a high quality dog, then it's going to be hard to sell a 'used' dog to responsible people - a dog that could have some pretty severe issues.

See if you can find DDB rescue and ask them to take him. The National Breed Club should be able to put you in touch with someone.
I have found that any decent breeder that i have contacted have always said that they would take the animals back.

Ofcourse, you probably won't get your money back, but you want th best home for him and that is most important - his welfare, not the money.

The breeder will also be able to quickly find a new home for him if they do not intend on keeping him long term.
Probably the safest place for your dog is with a breed rescue. They will have experience both with the breed and with screening potential adopters for a good home. Many rescues even do home visits. This means you won't get any money out of him, but him having a good home is more important than that, right?鈥?/a>
Have you contacted DDB rescue? They are completely full (not surprising with so many uncaring breeders in this recent introduction to the UK) but will pass on your details. Forget about selling him, with so many Dogues in need of rescue you won't get the money back that you paid for him - you could ask for a donation for DDB rescue though.

Good Luck in finding him a responsible home.鈥?/a>
I would find a local rescue league. The breeder you bought him from should have a list of local rescues.

They are great places for your particular circumstance. They have experience with the breed, and have the time to place the dog with the proper owner/family.
A reputable breeder would have a contract that says you MUST give the dog back to him/her. If your dog is not from a reputable breeder then a Mastiff Rescue would take him if he is neutered and UTD on shots etc. plus has not bitten anyone..
Try these guys鈥?/a>

I know it is a Bullmastiff rescue but they help rehome ALL mastiffs.
Contact your breed club, or the breeder your bought him from.

If it was a responsible breeder, they should have a clause that they will take him back.

Where did you get him?

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