Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dose anyone have a dog for sale?

dose anyone have a dog i was wonting a lab or a retreiver

thanks and yes i have money to take good care of itDose anyone have a dog for sale?
Go to your local shelter...

This isn't cragistlistDose anyone have a dog for sale?
I have 3 black lab pups. But, they are not for sale!!! SORRY, none of my pups will go to a stranger. They are already spoken for. You can get in trouble for asking questions like this.

Try a shelter or rescue organization.
haha this is the funniest question i've seen so far :) i have seven golden pups but i dnt just sell to any one on the internet.

answer mine please?;鈥?/a>
Go to an animal shelter and look for the dog you want there. Its better to adopt a pet from the shelter than a petstore or breeder.
I think Yahoo calls this ';soliciting';.
well ttry a homless dog shelter. or maybe like a petco. %26lt;3
Go to the shelter...I got my lab there...
nope ...not on here!!!

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