Saturday, July 10, 2010

Any Dogs for sale in Northamptonshire?

You'll need to be more specific.

There are shelters in Northamptonshire, - scroll down and you'll find Northamptonshire.鈥?/a>

- watch out for BYB's who post adds on that site.

If I were you, I would dicide on a breed of dog. Say for example you were interested in Labrador Retrievers, then do a lot of research on the breed before acquiring a puppy.Any Dogs for sale in Northamptonshire?
Look in the classifieds or sheltersAny Dogs for sale in Northamptonshire?
Bound to be, but this isn't a website to buy, or sell puppies/dogs.

If you want a purebred puppy, contact the Breed Club concerned. Be very careful if you look at general puppy sale websites. The only one I could remotely recommend would be Champdogs which has a lot of reputable breeders advertising, along with the not so good. Just remember, reputable breeders do not normally have to advertise their puppies - they have waiting lists. If you want to Rescue a dog - why not go visit Wood Green Animal Shelter, in Godmanchester.
hundreds ?????

but surely you start by working out which breed, what age, etc etc.
GO to your local re-homing centre as there are plenty of animals that want a second chance at life.

Due to no fault of there own there just sitting there day in day out waiting and hoping that some one will take them home and let them live out there days in comfort.

So please give an unwanted dog ago.

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