Friday, July 16, 2010

Dogs for sale online site?

theres this site i had favorited on my laptop but i accidently deleted it when i got firefox,it has dogs for adoption and dogs for sale on it..

in ireland

does anyone know what site this is???

xDogs for sale online site? ?Dogs for sale online site?
i'm not sure, but these are some dog for sale and adoption websites:


Craig's list (ireland)-


Done (ireland)- (ireland)-;db=ie_pets%26amp;website=%26amp;language=%26amp;session_key=%26amp;search_and_display_db_button=on%26amp;results_format=headlines%26amp;category=Dogs%26amp;query=browse (ireland)-

Irish Free Classified (ireland) (dogs and puppies)-;cid=289

eireads (ireland) (dogs)-

viva street (ireland)-

~i hope this helped

-good luck!
I could be either ( or Kijiji

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