Saturday, July 10, 2010

Louisiana Catahoula adult dog for sale?

I am looking for a Adult neutered male... I had a red catahoula that I loved so much more than I can say in words he meant alot to me... well anyway he got hit by a car Feb. we had a invisible fence but he ran out to come see us as our bus was stopping at our house and bam in a second he got hit... well anyway I am looking for a dog that is very close to his Jake's(my dog that got hit) personality he was a VERY good guard dog, he acted like a Chihuahua by jumping up in the recliner and sitting with you... He LOVED affection, very well trained, trustworthy, would herd the horses when needed, slept in bed with me every night besides when I am gone he would get a little upset and when i got home he would give me tons of kisses...

I am looking for a Red catahoula for sale close by Missouri... under 400... We have 5 horses, 3 barn cats 1 indoor, and 3 other dogs... email me if you happen to have some for sale I would not be able to buy one until around Christmas or Halloween... He would also need to get along with cats because I have a cat that sleeps with me at night. please email me at barrelracer1045@yahoo.comLouisiana Catahoula adult dog for sale?
You should not consider getting another dog until you get a real fence put up on your property. It's obvious that the electric fence did not work to keep your old dog safe. It would be very irresponsible to have another dog in that condition.

As Catahoulas are rare dogs that are not yet eligible for AKC registration, it will be difficult for you to find one. Where did you get your last one? You might want to start there. Why does it have to be a Catahoula? There are many great herding dogs that would be much easier to find.Louisiana Catahoula adult dog for sale?
You are working with an impossible price for a responsibly bred dog, even a backyard breeder would charge way more than that, so you would have to search shelters. And you are wrong about petfinder, they may not have a red one, but if you love the breed, you wouldn't care what color it was: here is a farming Catahoula stray in your state:鈥?/a>
man you have a lot of animals maybe in a shelter or a pound or im not advertising the site

hope you find it
i would go with pet finder that's where my chihuahua came from hes the best This is not an advertisement board.
HOPEFULLY you have put up a real fence since this incident. lick on your location to find dogs in your area avail

Dogs in need of placement in the next few days and weeks.鈥?/a>

';he acted like a Chihuahua by jumping up in the recliner and sitting with you'; That's how MOST catahoulas act.

And in all honesty I would rethink over WHY you want another houla. Are you trying to replace Jake or do you TRULY want another dog of this breed because you love what this breed is about. If you are doing this just to try and make this dog into Jake, don't bother.

Cowbell: Catahoulas aren't rare. Not really. There are SEVERAL breeders across this country as well as a few in Canada, the UK other parts of Europe and even in Australia and South America. Also the Catahoula will more than likely never be AKC, none of the club memebers WANT AKC recognition. UKC, and the Catahoula club are enough.

Professor: Did you miss the part about neutered and adult male? She can EASILY find a dog like that for her price range or even less if she looks in the right area.

Case in point鈥?/a> - $300 neutered males just not the color she is looking for.

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