Friday, July 16, 2010

Dog for sale?

A man sees an ad, ';Talking dog for sale, $25';.

He can't believe it so he goes to check it out. Get gets to an old farm, with a farmer sitting out on the porch. He asks him if he was the guy with the talking dag for sale, the farmer nods yes and says. ';He round in back if you wanna see him first.';

He goes into the back yard and see a dog just lying in the sun. He walks up to the dog and say, ';Talking dog - sure';. The dog looks at him and says, ';What is so strange about that?'; The guy can't believe it and asks the dog about hinself. The dog says, ';Well, when I was young my master, the farmer, noticed I was very smart. And he eventually taught me to talk. At the time he worked for the CIA, and I was brought on as a spy. I would pretend to be sleeping and listen in on conversations. We broke cases of National Security for years. Then he retired and I ended up here.

The man goes to the farmer and says. ';Why only $25 for a talking dog?'; The farmer says, ';Because he a nothing but a liar.';Dog for sale?
LMAO! Good one.Dog for sale?
Stupid farmer!!

Nice one. out of ten: 8
i don't get it but....good i guess

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