Friday, July 16, 2010

Any phu quoc dogs for sale? (only available in vietnam and needs to know a company that can ship it to usa)?

Im from vietnam. I love phu quoc dogs but the tickets to vietnam is expensive. I need to know where to get one. And can do shipping to usa. There from vietnam and there very smart,can swim,and beautiful. The unique thing about these dogs is they have a special birthmark! See,look at this pic:鈥?/a> in that link do you see a beautiful,unique curl on there back? Its gorgous! These dogs are expensive but my family has aenough. Please tell me the correct place to buy a brown phu quoc dog and it would be a pleasure!

P.S. 10 free easy points if has a good answer!!!Any phu quoc dogs for sale? (only available in vietnam and needs to know a company that can ship it to usa)?
Trusting someone in a completely different country, on a completely different continent to ship a dog to you without you seeing the dog, the conditions the dog was raised in, the parents, etc, is a recipe for disaster.

You don't know if they are selling you a sick dog, a dog that isn't what you wanted (as in, a mutt or a completely different breed of dog,) a badly bred dog, or a dog from a puppy mill that is going to be traumatized or poorly socialized.

You also don't know if they are scam artists who will keep your money and then disappear leaving you to settle a dispute in a completely different country (where you're going to have to spend the money trying to track these people down to get your money back,) or lose the money (which at that point, it seems to me that getting your money back would be cost prohibitive.)

If you are looking for a dog with a similar look you can try a Rhodesian Ridgeback or a Jindo (two breeds of dogs- the Ridgeback has the same ridge- the Jindo doesn't but it is an Asian breed of dog.)

The dog you are asking about is one of the rarest breeds in the world according to the information I have- so tracking one down IMO is going to require a LOT of research on exporting dogs, large expense and a trip to Vietnam to make sure you aren't getting ripped off.

I knew someone who brought a Leonberger from Germany- in the end it cost her about $10,000 to import the dog from Europe including vaccinations, Vet bills, and quarantine of the dog to make sure it wasn't sick.

Good luck in finding one. :)Any phu quoc dogs for sale? (only available in vietnam and needs to know a company that can ship it to usa)?
i am in vn now. PQ dog find hard livin outside the island 8 out of 10 die while being brought to mainland. bring abroad is 99.99% die. u should try thai ridgeback dog 90% same look more popular (available worldwide). contact me consider more info

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in case u come getting PQ dog in VN it would take at least 2 months doing vaccinations paperworks checking. PQ dog haven't trademark so there ain't company do trading worldwide.if u need my help just do contact

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Here in america thise are called rhodesian ridgebacks! You can go to and find a reputable breeder near you

It'll be a whole lot cheaper than importing one from Vietnam!
I go back and forth from VN to the US every 8 weeks or so. Pay me and I'll bring you one back. I'm serious.

BTW I like them too, very nice dogs.

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