Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where Is A Good Place To Post, A Dog For Sale?

okay most of you will argue and moan about me needing to sell my dog, my vet and trainer have recommended it so I am just asking were would be a good place to post a dog of 2yrs old for sale? I am not going to explain why or anything like that I don't need help to try to fix him already paid for a professional advice and have taken him to my vets and everything needed to see if his problem could be fixed and they both have ruled finding him a new home would help keep both party dogs safe and happy. So if you would be kind to help me find him a forever home and were I can get him posted would be awesome thanks!Where Is A Good Place To Post, A Dog For Sale?
try putting it in the dog section of the classified adds in your local areaWhere Is A Good Place To Post, A Dog For Sale?
your local news paper should have a classified section, also there are sites that specialize in finding forever homes for animals, or you could go to your local animal shelter.
maybe you can post a ad in the news paper and if that doesn't work, put up fliers in your neighborhood.

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