Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why aren't there any dogs for sale on ebay?

Ebay doesn't sell pets or allow the sale of pets.

You can always look at petfinder for a pet or look at your local rescue or shelter.Why aren't there any dogs for sale on ebay?
Ebay is for object selling, but there are ';ebays'; for animals. I highly suggest because it is quick and easy and gives you lots of info.Why aren't there any dogs for sale on ebay?
That would be a BYB/puppy millers DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!鈥?br>

They do not allow the sale of dogs because e-bay has some common sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
one: ebay sucks ****.

two: why would you even be looking for a pet on an *AUCTION* site?

three: because they're not retarded.
You cannot sell live animals on ebay.
Ebay doesn't allow the sale of dogs on the internet.
They don't sell live pets on ebay. Use your common sense.
Ebay does not allow the sale of live animals. Good for them.
Unless the seller lives close to you they'd have to ship the dog! How stupid would that be???
you cant ship a living creature through the mail and its against the rules i hope you weren't serious
This is a joke right?
its against what their allowed to do try going to the local humane society or shelter.
because it goes against the company's policy...
because its agaist their policy

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