Friday, July 16, 2010

Where can I find puppies or small dogs for sale in New York City, talking from $10-100?

Hi, I'm really interested in owning a puppy or a small dog. I'm interested in a Maltese, Shi-tzu or a Chihuahua. I'm looking for one that I can adopt for a small fee not more than 100 dollars. I already checked humane society but their fees are high.

I will have enough money for taking the pet to the vet, and buy food for them. Yes I know, it is about 1,000 dollars annually. I have done my research about taking care of them.

Thank you all who answers my question.Where can I find puppies or small dogs for sale in New York City, talking from $10-100?
You should keep trying at the humane society, they might be over your price range but they are better priced than pet stores or breeders.. I highly dought you will find a dog for that price range unfortunately.. Good luck :)Where can I find puppies or small dogs for sale in New York City, talking from $10-100?
If you find a dog for under a $100 dollars not at a shelter, trust me, you'll be paying way more then a $1000 on vet bills. More like $7000. Spend the extra hundred to adopt or spend the extra couple hundred to get one from a good breeder. It may save you thousands on a vet bill.

And the fees at the humane society cover spaying/neutering (depending on age or may give you coupon), vaccinations, micro chipping and sometimes other services. You would have to pay for these anyways.
Its great that you are trying to adopt! there are so many animals that need a good home. Keep checking with various humane societies... sometimes you can check for upcoming events like a pet fair where adoption agencies lower the fees. I know here in california almost once a month the rescue shelter hosts an event for low cost adoptions... hopefully you'll find one in New York

Good Luck!
In NYC you have the ASPCA %26amp; there is another organization that rescues dogs. You can also call any of the rescue organizations that do those breeds. Call the ASPCA %26amp; they'll give you all the rescue org. that are there. Rescue animals are the best. I have 2 now %26amp; all of my other dogs have been rescues.
well the humane society is rly the best place but u can alway slook in the newspaper whatever u do dont get one from a petstore
check on

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