Friday, July 16, 2010

American Eskimo Dogs For Sale in Wisconsin?

I'm looking for an American Eskimo dog in my vicinity to adopt, and in the future breed with my female Eskimo/Terrier mix. I've searched, but just can't seem to find any. Adopting one would be great, too! As long as it's in Wisconsin it's fine.

If anyone would be willing to help, I'd be eternally grateful.American Eskimo Dogs For Sale in Wisconsin?
You are looking to become a back yard breeder and I don't think that you should adopt a dog only to breed. I think dogs are pets and companions and we owe them more than that. I hope you can find a nice dog as a companion not a breeder.American Eskimo Dogs For Sale in Wisconsin?
1. Don't breed mutts. A good breeder will not breed any mixes, even designer mutts, like goldendoodles or puggles.

2. You cannot breed. You need experience. And since you didn't even know to never breed mutts, you don't have that experience.

3. You need a ton of money. There are many tests that have to be done. Routine vet visits, emergencies, etc.

4. You cannot breed any two dogs. The purpose of breeding is to better the breed. That means only breeding the best of the breed. First, both dogs need to be purebred. Your dog doesn't even meet that qualification. They must have genetic testing. They must have health tests, and that's more than an okay from the vet. These health tests can cost 100s of dollars. The dog has to be registered. Both dogs must have titles. After all, you're only breeding the best.

5. If you really want to breed, you'll do a lot more research. A good breeder breeds to better the breed, not to have fun or make a profit. Find a responsible breeder, and ask them to teach you. Read as many books as you can on breeding dogs.
Here's a link for the american eskimo dog breed profile. It has rescue groups and breed organizations links attached to it where you can check if there's one near your place.

Hope this helps!鈥?/a>
Breed them and sell them? That's prostitution.

Don't force them to have sex just so you can get some extra cash in your wallet.
You want one so you can breed mutts?

Sorry not going to help you there.... The world doesnt need any more mutts.
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