Friday, July 16, 2010

Small dogs for sale or adoption?

does ne one kno where i can buy or adopt a young small dog for a cheap price... i'm looking for a yorkie, chiuaua, mini pin, dauchaund or,pomeranian. i live in a town inbetween norwich ct and franklin ct.Small dogs for sale or adoption?
Log onto or go to your local animal shelter...NEVER buy... always ADOPT! ADOPT! Small dogs for sale or adoption?
check out you can do a search for free in your local area and search under dog/puppies. you can even post a free ';wanted'; ad so that people can contact you if they have a dog you mught be interested. this is how i got my lil tiny chihuahuas

check it out. Every breed you can imagine.
I would try your local humane society.
RSPCA or another shelter. There are loads if you search the net. Good luck or just go check out your local shelters.
First off I'm cringing a little bit just because you're looking for a dog that is cheap. Are you able to financially support this pup financially, both from a day to day basis and also for if he/she needs sudden emergency care? Why are you interested specifically in a small dog?

I agree that a shelter is a wonderful place to look for a dog, however, a number do end up there with a problem of some sort (thanks to people who are uneducated about raising their dog) and potential owners need to be knowledgeable in how to care for them. If you are acquiring a puppy through a breeder (if purchasing through a reputable breeder you can probably expect to pay between $1000 up)... you could still run into the same problems if early socialization and positive training/bonding are not enforced.

I've seen way too many small dogs become fear aggressive due to a lack of socialization and environmental training. This means exposing the dog to a variety of people, other dogs, cats, small animals, males, females, children, and also to different places/noises, as well as allowing them to walk on various surfaces such as carpeting, sand, grass, wood, metal etc.

Good luck in your search and please make sure you are able to provide your 4 legged family member with love, financial and timely support, and the best food you can possibly feed him/her.

Edit: Okay, thanks for reassuring me, I was just a little concerned seeing as so many people seem so naive when it comes to purchasing an animal. Forgive me for lecturing, haha.

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