Saturday, July 10, 2010

Are there any Caucasian mountain dogs for sale in nz?

if not where would be the best place to import one fromAre there any Caucasian mountain dogs for sale in nz?
I'd like you to watch this video if interested in the Caucasian Mountain Dog:鈥?/a>

They are gorgeous dogs, but this is one breed that is naturally aggressive. They're not like the Doberman or the Dogo Argentino. They're extremely powerful and will require a very experienced handler. Without one, you could have a massive weapon which can lead to some very serious consequences in the future. I'm sure it's possible to find one in NZ, but living in America I wouldn't know for certain. If you're interested in this beautiful yet very powerful breed, please talk to a breed club or a reputable breeder regardless of their location to get some information on them, handling them, and how you can get the proper experience to deal with such a dog.

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