Saturday, July 10, 2010

Free cute miniature dog for sale?

looking for cute little dogs that i can get for free in the savannah ga areaFree cute miniature dog for sale?
check the yellow pages or vet clinics, or ASPCA or Humane society and find out where the no-kill rescue shelters are, You can find a lovely, healthy dog there, very reasonably priced. I have 3 rescue dogs now, and they are great!鈥?/a>

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the only place you will find a dog for free would be something likje craigslist or your local paper.

';free'; isnt always free. Free dogs often have health or behavoiral issues, and may cost you in vet bills and/or training.

Youd be better off to try shelter or rescue.. wont be free, but you can find a dog for a fair adoption fee


Newspaper is full of dogs that people are looking to get rid of for some reason.. because they just want to make a quick buck, or the dog has health or behavoiral issues that they dont want to deal with.
First place you might want to check is your county dog pound.

Not sure what the cost is in your area, but here it's $29 to adopt from the pound ... and there are always dogs of all ages, all sizes, all breeds and mixes ... they're not FREE but it doesn't cost much to save a life.
try your local paper...healthiest ones are in there...
Please check the shelters in your area and save a life.

The shelters are overrun with purebreeds.

Get on a waiting list....
If you cant afford to pay a dog fee then you cannot afford a dog at all. How will you afford vet bills? flea and tick preventions? heartworm preventions? etc
Remember Free can come with a high price tag of vet bills
Free.. for sale? That doesn't make sense.

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