Saturday, July 10, 2010

Anyone have these dogs for sale?

I am trying to find ethier a Yorkie, Maltese, Bishon Frise, or a Shih Tzu under 1 years old and less then 280 does anybody know where I can get one?Anyone have these dogs for sale?
You will not get a (healthy) dog from a breeder for under $280. If you see anyone offering near that amount, RUN. Purchasing an unhealthy dog will cost you money in the long run!

Breed-specific rescues often have puppies. Google around for yorkie or small breed rescues. I prefer to adopt from breed-specific rescues because these dogs are usually kept in homes - not kennels - and are thus used to home life.

You can also just go down to your local shelter and ask them to call you when a puppy is surrendered.

I'd also kindly recommend that you consider dogs over 1 year. Have you ever had a puppy? They're like having a newborn - you will be up several times each night to let them go potty! I've done puppies, and it's a *ton* of work.

I've done puppies from breeders, puppies from a rescue, and older dog adoptions. Regardless of where they came from or how old they are, they all love the same! A big plus of older dogs is that they are usually already house-trained and know obedience commands.

Good luck :)Anyone have these dogs for sale?

Those breeds are pretty common, and I suggest looking on Petfinder also or at local animal shelters.

Somebody said that you can't find puppies to adopt via Petfinder or a shelter - that's not true, there are a lot of puppies that are homeless too!

Do be prepared however, that an adoption fee may in fact be over the amount you are willing to pay - puppy adoption fees are often more because puppies are more easily adopted and shelters can get higher prices for pups - this helps them to help all of the older dogs in the shelter!

I hope that helped.

Also remember that no puppy costs $280 - there is a lot of expense involved: vaccinations, testing for worms, SPAY/NEUTER, unforseen veterinary expenses, grooming, food, etc...

Good luck.
Definitely check out before anywhere else. You can search for dogs in your area or in other areas by specific breed, age, and size, and almost all of the adoption fees are less than $280! You would pay at least double that at a pet store or breeder! Good luck!
If you want to feel like you've made a real difference as a dog owner, adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue group. There are few other ways to make such a huge difference in another creature's life.鈥?/a>
The only place that you may be able to find any of those breeds for $280 or less is at an animal shelter. And they won't be puppies (if they're 100% purebred), and probably not less than 1 year old.

Check - and if they don't have any of those breeds, just keep checking every day or two. Some shelter in your area will get one eventually.
Try the individual Breed Rescue groups - I'm sure you can find a nice pet and it will cost less then $280 - also you'll save a life and the dog will be neutered/spayed for you :)
Hi Melissa,

Try the A.S.P.C.A. Another place would be a rescue Shelter..

Your Friend,

A local animal shelter.
Contact Blue Ribbon Breeders.

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