Saturday, July 10, 2010

Any one have a dog for sale?

does any body have a little puppy for sale prefrably a yorkshire terrier for my mum for xmas plz answer politly and sensiblyAny one have a dog for sale?
After xmas lots of dogs are abandoned. You could give your mum a card telling her that your going to buy her a dog, you could even give her a dog bed, food ect. and then after xmas take her to the pound to choose a dog.Any one have a dog for sale?
im a dog breeder and show them but owners to shelters at Christmas it hard to get a dog you are looking for to be honest because everyone wants a dog. also some owners don't want to look after little puppies during Christmas. and on top of that owners tend to put the price up at Christmas because its a popular time of year for dogs .

maybe you should check after Christmas or phone some owners and they will tell you who you can call next.
i have 2 for free- one is 3 1/2 yr old german shepard, small thing type f. only trouble is barks Lot as she does not like the dark; but i can not keep her because i have 2 yr old wolf; domestically raised and is gentle, but lovable and loves to play ,and loves to play contact sports, knock you down: he is a very good dog; healthy:free to a good home who is educated in wolf s,was accidental a father already;too the german shepard female, had beautiful pups, and found super good homes for them, but who ever gets this male, be prepared to feed it 50lbs of food each and every week and half; cause you never starve a wolf, or they will look for there food;, never hurts children or people; just loves to run and play and used to a huge land area to run;, then the puppy is for sale $500. no papers; beautiful puppy 5 months old. is ok to say that on here, the rules; I do not no:
I'd rescue a dog from the pound. You might even find a yorky with a bit of searching. I wouldn't get a dog as a ';surprise'; gift for anyone. If she knows about it and agrees to the lifetime commitment of a dog then it should be OK.

good site, got 3 male african pygmy dormice

good aswell, my uncle got his pup from there
how about wait until after x-mas, then take your mum round a few shelters to choose her own puppy? best of both.

your local shelter or puppy pound.
Please check out your local ads in your city and DON';T buy one online site unseen!

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